Sep 292012

Fall 2012 is bringing a nascent trend toward light, shimmery nude eyeshadows and deep black liner. We saw this concept brought to life in Le Metier de Beaute’s Nouvelle Vague palette, as well as in MAC for Marilyn collection.  Unlike the neutral palettes we see in every line, this trend has a high contrast between the shimmery nude shades and the liner. My investment in this trend (so far) are two new Dior Luminous Graphic Eye Palettes–Dior Ivory Glow and Dior Nude Glow ($48 each).

I expected the Dior Nude Glow trio eyeshadow to resemble NARS All About Eve duo, a staple that includes a near-matte nude and a shimmery nude.

However, Dior Nude Glow has no matte nude. Rather, the palette has a softly shimmered nude, and a translucent fairy sparkle shade. The translucent shade reminded me of a daytime-friendly, wearable version of MAC Reflects in Gold. It doesn’t have nearly the drama, but it is definitely something one could wear to an in-office meeting or presentation where one comes within handshake distance of one’s peers. The liner is a powder that applies beautifully with my Laura Mercier smudge brush over my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink.

 The Dior Luminous Graphic eyeshadow in Nude Glow performs at an excellent level. The liner is deep and pigmented, the colors give the lids a pearly nude soft pearly texture. Gorgeous. As I got onto a flight, this was the one eyeshadow palette I grabbed. I’ve worn it for a few days over my Laura Mercier Eye Basic and got excellent performance.

Dior Luminous Graphic eyeshadow in Ivory Glow gives a more dramatic effect. Like Nude Glow, Ivory Glow has a shimmery opaque shade and a translucent shade of tiny fairy sparkle, and a deep black powder liner.

The white is slightly warm, leaning a touch gold:

Because of the contrast between the liner and palette shades, this is a lovely evening palette. Those with lighter skin tones and a light touch with their eyeshadow brush might find some daytime friendly looks as well.



Bottom line, I thought these were a simple concept that is beautifully executed. They are unusual, on trend, and yet still neutral and wearable. Although Dior has not caught my eye for several months, I found these irresistible. Having passed on Le Metier’s version, and unable to get MAC’s Marilyn eyeshadows due to the high demand, I was glad that I found these Dior’s Luminous Graphic. I understand from reading Allura’s reviews of the MAC’s Marilyn eyeshadows that these Dior will be more to my taste, style and liking. As I say, the Dior Nude Glow is an everyday staple for me, so it was a good investment.

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Dior Garden Pastels 5-Color Eyeshadow

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Jan 032012

Dior Spring 2012 includes a limited edition 5-color eyeshadow palette, Garden Pastels ($59/ #441 / Couture Color 5-Coleurs Eyeshadow Palette Garden Collection in Garden Pastels). Like its twin Dior Garden Roses, the texture of this palette is beautifully pearly. All of the shades have a dimensional, shimmery quality that lights up when struck by the light.

Dior Garden Pastels

Like Garden Roses, the palette is embossed with a beautiful rose design:

You can see that the roses are raised:

Dior Garden Pastels

These colors are so far outside my comfort zone that I was very close to canceling my order for this palette. I was afraid that these colors would be very similar to a vintage palette that my friend had shown me, called Yardley Glimmericks, released in 1969:

Fortunately, Dior’s Garden Party is greatly updated and wearable on my warm skintone so long as I keep the look sheer and contained. Unlike the use of Yardley Gimmericks in the ad, I can do a simple wash of one or two colors on the lid area only, with perhaps a light shade in the inner corner. I use a soft matte liner (cool toned, either black or gray) and no shimmer on the brow bone. Otherwise, the cool shimmering tones might be overwhelming. Otherwise, they make beautiful little pearly accents used with other soft-toned mattes.

I can picture that some women are going to look incredible wearing these shades all over the eye area. The green is really unbelievable.

Another set:

This palette is beautiful, and will be a welcome addition for Spring. I have to use these colors with care, because they are so striking. Although these colors won’t work on everyone (what does?), this is a gorgeous and unique palette to pick up. Honestly, I don’t know of anything quite like it.


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Sep 122011

Dior has just released 5 Couleurs Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette – Mitzah ($60/ #753), a more accessible version of of the highly limited edition, individually numbered Mitzah Panther Palette ($90)(reviewed here).  Unlike the panther palette, Dior’s Mitzah 5-color quint comes in the standard blue compact with the traditional Dior layout.

The palette evokes the Mitzah theme with a panther print on the surface of the eyeshadow palette:

The colors are:

  • a light shimmer cream highlighter
  • the center butterscotch-mustard
  • a soft shimmer camel tan
  • a medium taupe-gray
  • a rich brown
Here is a swatch comparison with Dior Mitzah Panther 3-color on the left, compared to the Dior Mitzah 5-color on the right:
Here is a quick eye that Liz did with the Mitzah 5-color.  She used the center tone as a base, then built up the darker colors in the outside corner and crease.
One more:
Overall, the Dior Mitzah palette is a sophisticated combination of colors.  The shimmer factor is subtle, and the tones blend beautifully together.  Mitzah does not have the iridescence of some Dior palettes, rather it is a toned-down set of neutrals that is nearly always appropriate.  Highly recommended.

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Sep 062011

Thanks to Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book, who noticed that the Dior Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow palette ($90) is finally up for sale on  This was a palette that I’d purchased at Le Bon Marche in Paris last March and previewed here.  I photographed the palette when I arrived back in the U.S. but now have run out of time–I must post the pictures now (or never!).  I have a feeling that the palette may not be around long.

As you will recall, the palettes are inspired by Christian Dior’s muse Mitzah Bricard who had “a divinely chic allure and captivating presence.”  The palettes are limited edition and individually numbered.

The palettes come in a very heavy metal case, and mine was packed with the numbered card.  If one finishes the palette, the palette could be used as a paperweight–it is elegant, polished and has a high “heft factor.”   The palette’s number does not appear on the engraved palette itself:

Inside, there is a full mirror.  The palette is a solid block of powder.  There is an included brush with a tiny head.

The color goes all the way through the pan.  The powder surface has a light texture that resembles fabric:

Swatches in sun, below.  The first shade (far left) is all colors mixed.  Then the deepest, the light caramel.  On the right the light beige, which disappears into my natural skin tone.  If you are lighter, cooler or darker than I, I’m quite confident this matte shade would show on you but it sort of melted into my natural color:

In shade with flash:

Dior Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow is a collector’s palette that delivers a beautiful soft smoky eye.  It seems appropriate that the colors are released now in Fall, when they will coordinate beautifully with fall clothing.  The presentation and limited edition status are part of the design.  Certainly, there are colors that are similar on the market–the question is whether this is a piece that you would like to have in your collection.

Note that Sephora has also stocked the Camel and Ebony Vernis nail polish that are part of the Mitzah collection (reviewed here, quick swatch of Camel is at the bottom of this post).


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Aug 282011

Dior’s new 3-Couleurs Smoky Palettes have begun arriving in stores.  I’ve a few on order, but picked up this one in Smokey Pink ($48/ #051).  As much as a I love Dior’s 5-color eyeshadows, I must admit that I’ve never used more than three shades at a time.  Dior’s packaged three coordinating shades for about $10 less per palette, in a space-saving size, which is a nice compromise.  Promotional pictures of all of the shades are here on Fab Over Forty.

Outside of the palette:

The top lid slides back to reveal a pop-up mirror and the three color pans, with two applicators:

Smoky Pink has a matte gray, a metallic gray-silver and a soft pink matte base color:

Dior did not skimp on eyeshadow quality–these are nice.  Although cool-toned, Smoky Pink is extremely flattering on my pale, NC15/Chanel Cameo-Ivoire skintone.  The palette could not be easier to use.  I did an easy eye with three steps today:

– First, use the base color all over the lid

– I smudged the matte gray into the crease and a touch in the outer corner

– I used the metallic in the inner corner

The result was really gorgeous.  Sorry, I hope that doesn’t sound stuck-up, but it really made the most of my natural coloring and it was really smooth and pretty.  If you want more application ideas, the palette comes packed with some:


Swatches of the three shades in Smoky Pink:

Fall 2011 seems to be having a matte gray moment–here’s a comparison with the matte gray from Dior Smoky Pink and Chanel Gris Exquis (reviewed here).  Although not precise duplicates, they were quite close and I’m not sure that one needs both in one’s collection:

Here is a comparison of the shimmery gray silver from Dior’s Smoky Pink with a true silver (here, Shu Uemura ME Silver 950), as well as two silver-gray metallics–Chanel Starlight and Dior Argentic single eyeshadows:

As you can see, none are duplicates of the silver in Smoky Pink.

I just purchased Smoky Pink yesterday and have fallen in love with it so far. I’ll post reviews of the other Dior 3-Couleur Smoky palettes as soon as they arrive.

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Feb 012010

I recently purchased a new Dior eyeshadow palette from Sephora, the Dior Couture Color Eyeshadow Palette in Mystic Smokys 004 (5 Couleurs Palette Fards a Paupieres Haute Couleur)($58).  True to its name, the palette has a very dark and smoky feel.

The palette includes the following colors:

  • A nearly-white shimmery highlighter (lower left).  This highlighter throws off some fallout.  It’s a pleasant enough ivory/eggshell white, but be prepared to work a bit to use it.
  • A soft very light shimmery pink (center color).  When applied, the center color is almost white.  It’s a cooler version of the highlighter, but with a better texture.
  • A nearly-matte cool brown (bottom right).  It’s a good basic neutral.  It reminds me of Dior’s Trendy Taupe.
  • A shimmery gunmetal grey (top right).  This color is evocative of Dior’s Argentic single.  If you have Mystic Smokys, you can cross Argentic off your wish list.
  • A deep, multidimensional nearly-black violet (top left).  This seems similar to Dior’s Ultra Violet single, and is the star of the palette.  It’s an incredibly rich tone.

Swatches, below.  You can see that I had trouble getting a clean swatch of the highlighter (this was my third try).    The darker shades apply consistently and beautifully.  Click to enlarge:

I have only seen this palette at Sephora so far, so I am uncertain whether/when other stores will be getting this.

Although the price is high, if you are considering two or three of the Dior singles then this represents a better option based on price.  This is a dramatic palette–the darker shades here are the winners.  As an aside, I would have liked to see a mid-tone shade in the palette in the center (a soft grey?).  Nonetheless, I’ll be using these deeper shades and loving them.

I never feel compelled to use all five colors in a Dior quint at the same time.  In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever done that.  Rather, I tend to use two, or maybe three, colors at most in any one look.

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