Sep 122011

Dior has just released 5 Couleurs Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette – Mitzah ($60/ #753), a more accessible version of of the highly limited edition, individually numbered Mitzah Panther Palette ($90)(reviewed here).  Unlike the panther palette, Dior’s Mitzah 5-color quint comes in the standard blue compact with the traditional Dior layout.

The palette evokes the Mitzah theme with a panther print on the surface of the eyeshadow palette:

The colors are:

  • a light shimmer cream highlighter
  • the center butterscotch-mustard
  • a soft shimmer camel tan
  • a medium taupe-gray
  • a rich brown
Here is a swatch comparison with Dior Mitzah Panther 3-color on the left, compared to the Dior Mitzah 5-color on the right:
Here is a quick eye that Liz did with the Mitzah 5-color.  She used the center tone as a base, then built up the darker colors in the outside corner and crease.
One more:
Overall, the Dior Mitzah palette is a sophisticated combination of colors.  The shimmer factor is subtle, and the tones blend beautifully together.  Mitzah does not have the iridescence of some Dior palettes, rather it is a toned-down set of neutrals that is nearly always appropriate.  Highly recommended.

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Sep 062011

Thanks to Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book, who noticed that the Dior Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow palette ($90) is finally up for sale on  This was a palette that I’d purchased at Le Bon Marche in Paris last March and previewed here.  I photographed the palette when I arrived back in the U.S. but now have run out of time–I must post the pictures now (or never!).  I have a feeling that the palette may not be around long.

As you will recall, the palettes are inspired by Christian Dior’s muse Mitzah Bricard who had “a divinely chic allure and captivating presence.”  The palettes are limited edition and individually numbered.

The palettes come in a very heavy metal case, and mine was packed with the numbered card.  If one finishes the palette, the palette could be used as a paperweight–it is elegant, polished and has a high “heft factor.”   The palette’s number does not appear on the engraved palette itself:

Inside, there is a full mirror.  The palette is a solid block of powder.  There is an included brush with a tiny head.

The color goes all the way through the pan.  The powder surface has a light texture that resembles fabric:

Swatches in sun, below.  The first shade (far left) is all colors mixed.  Then the deepest, the light caramel.  On the right the light beige, which disappears into my natural skin tone.  If you are lighter, cooler or darker than I, I’m quite confident this matte shade would show on you but it sort of melted into my natural color:

In shade with flash:

Dior Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow is a collector’s palette that delivers a beautiful soft smoky eye.  It seems appropriate that the colors are released now in Fall, when they will coordinate beautifully with fall clothing.  The presentation and limited edition status are part of the design.  Certainly, there are colors that are similar on the market–the question is whether this is a piece that you would like to have in your collection.

Note that Sephora has also stocked the Camel and Ebony Vernis nail polish that are part of the Mitzah collection (reviewed here, quick swatch of Camel is at the bottom of this post).


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Apr 132011

At this post, I introduced two Dior vernis nail colors from the Dior Mitzah Collection— Ebony (#912) and and Camel (#622) (23 euros each), which I found during my recent trip to Paris.  As appropriate for a small, boutique collection, these colors are edgy and distinct.  You will not see them on everyone. Indeed, I anticipate that many Café Makeup readers may not enjoy them when compared to more traditional nail colors.

Personally, I wore Camel for a few days and it made me supremely happy.  It’s a very unusual greyed-down medium tone that’s often overlooked in the makeup world.  It’s one of the few yellows that I can wear on my warm skintone.  It’s warmer than a Grey Poupon mustard tone, rather it is more like a rich cashmere winter coat.  “Neutral with an edge” is one of my biggest weaknesses and so I’ve fallen hard for Camel.

Here is a swatch of Dior Ebony, a deep brown with a touch of grey.  You can see that it is much deeper than Chanel Particuleire (reviewed here) and Chanel Khaki Rose (reviewed here).  It lacks the green undertone of Chanel Khaki Brun (reviewed here) and lacks the shimmer and green/gold undertone of Dior Czarina Gold (reviewed here).


Whether you enjoy this color is a matter of your personal preference.  The formula is excellent, these are beautifully opaque in two coats.  These swatches are made without any topcoat.

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Mar 312011

While shopping in Paris, I noticed that one of the department stores had Dior’s Mitzah Collection in stock.  This is a very small, limited edition collection that includes the Imprime Jungle eyeshadow palette (90 euros) and two vernis nail colors (in #912 Ebony and #622 Camel)(23 euros each).   The collection commemorates Christian Dior’s friend and muse, Mitzah Bricard.

I haven’t had time to play with this, but wanted to post some quick pictures.  There are not many made (each is specially numbered).

The eyeshadow palette has a cream matte base color, that can be used from lashline to browbone.  The camel tone can be used over the entire lid.  The deep brown is a gorgeous liner (top and bottom) and can be used to add a sophisticated smoke color in the crease.  This was the technique that was used during my makeover, and I absolutely loved it.
Alternatively, you can swish the colors together to make an overall lid color that is a mix of the three colors together.

The shades are beautifully coordinated and seem primarily matte in texture.  They are quite soft and easy to work with.  You can make a very sophisticated and sexy eye with these colors.  Gorgeous.


Dior’s Mitzah collection also features two nail polishes– Camel and Ebony.

I only had time to do a quick manicure with Camel, which applies well although it is a bit sheer.  This is three coats:

Overall, these collections compliment my warm, fair skin tone and so I’m pleased with the sophistication and quality of this collection.  I expect that this will sell out quickly, given the universal “neutrals with an edge” vibe that seems to make great makeup fly off the shelves.



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