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Dior Nail Polish

Dior Vernis Tuxedo Nail Polish, Swatches and Comparisons

July 21, 2011

One of the few items that I picked up from Dior’s Blue Tie Collection for Fall 2011 is Dior Vernis Haute Couleur in Tuxedo ($21 #908).  This polish is deep blue with a metallic sparkle, and a hint of deep violet/periwinkle around the edges.  This is applied using CND Stickey basecoat and a Poshe topcoat.

Dior Blue Tie is similar in quality to the others in the line–it applies smoothly and requires only two coats to get to a satisfying opacity.  Love.

 Here is some comparisons with Dior’s Tuxedo, from left to right:  Butter London’s Big Smoke (reviewed here), Chanel Nuit de Russie, Chanel Blue Satin, Le Metier de Beaute’s Midnight Rendevous (reviewed here), and Lancome Indigo Paris (former limited edition/no longer available).  Click to enlarge:

 Overall, Dior Tuxedo is most similar to Lancome Indigo Paris.  Dior Tuxedo swatches brighter and more blue than Lancome Indigo Paris.  Also, there is a very subtle violet/periwinkle in Tuxedo that is unlike the true French blue of Indigo Paris.  These are taken in sun with flash. Click to enlarge:

 Dior Tuxedo is a gorgeous color, with a great formula.  And yes, I may have enough shimmering blue nail polishes now that my Dior has arrived.

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Dior Nail Polish

Dior Vernis St. Tropez Nail Polish Swatches

July 18, 2011


To celebrate opening of Dior’s St. Tropez boutique (pictured above), the line introduced a limited edition nail polish Vernis Saint-Tropez ($21 #401).  This polish carries me away to places of warm breezes, sun and a perpetually pleasant summer.

The formula fits well within Dior’s reformulated (read: better!!) polish–two coats gives even coverage, and the brush works like magic.  The color has a beachy vibe.  Here is a comparison with Chanel Nouvelle Vague at Laquer Wear and China Glazes’s For Audrey from one of the lovely contributors over at the Purse Forum.

This color will look best clasped around a frosty margarita, without a doubt.  It’s a bit striking for the office, depending on the formality of your work environment.  But what else would we expect from a color that begs for sandals?

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Dior Nail Polish

Dior Mitzah: Camel and Ebony Nail Polish

April 13, 2011

At this post, I introduced two Dior vernis nail colors from the Dior Mitzah Collection— Ebony (#912) and and Camel (#622) (23 euros each), which I found during my recent trip to Paris.  As appropriate for a small, boutique collection, these colors are edgy and distinct.  You will not see them on everyone. Indeed, I anticipate that many Café Makeup readers may not enjoy them when compared to more traditional nail colors.

Personally, I wore Camel for a few days and it made me supremely happy.  It’s a very unusual greyed-down medium tone that’s often overlooked in the makeup world.  It’s one of the few yellows that I can wear on my warm skintone.  It’s warmer than a Grey Poupon mustard tone, rather it is more like a rich cashmere winter coat.  “Neutral with an edge” is one of my biggest weaknesses and so I’ve fallen hard for Camel.

Here is a swatch of Dior Ebony, a deep brown with a touch of grey.  You can see that it is much deeper than Chanel Particuleire (reviewed here) and Chanel Khaki Rose (reviewed here).  It lacks the green undertone of Chanel Khaki Brun (reviewed here) and lacks the shimmer and green/gold undertone of Dior Czarina Gold (reviewed here).


Whether you enjoy this color is a matter of your personal preference.  The formula is excellent, these are beautifully opaque in two coats.  These swatches are made without any topcoat.

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Dior Nail Polish

Dior Gris City Nail Polish Review and Swatches

January 21, 2011

Dior is currently selling a mini-release of three nail polishes, Gris City Vernis ($21 each), in cool shades of gray and blue to celebrate some of its most famous boutiques.  The three colors are named for the streets on which those boutiques are located.  These are sold exclusively on Dior’s website and a few boutiques, with the exception of Gris Montaigne which is sold as part of the Dior Spring 2011 collection.

Gris Montaigne (#707) is named for Dior’s main Parisian store, located at 30 Avenue Montaigne, a jewel of a street that has the Champs Elysee at one end, and a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower over the Seine on the other.  It is a short street lined with luxury boutiques, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Paul and Joe, Dolce, and several more.  Yes, it’s fashion heaven. In Paris.

When I saw Gris Montaigne, I was reminded by the Dior boutique which has, in my mind, a very light, dove-gray appearance:

Inside this large, impeccably presented store have rooms with high ceilings and very soft, light gray elegant tones:

This boutique carries a full line of makeup, shoes, bags, jewelry and couture clothing. It’s beautiful. One afternoon, I watched a ballerina (no, really, I’m serious) get a makeover as I waited for help to pick out some sunglasses for Liz.  The artist did a beautiful job–the effect was subtle, and he set off the her features without weighing her down with too much.  The end effect was lovely. Sigh….ah, to be in Paris…..

For more about the polishes, read on….

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