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In Part 1 of Skincare Advice from Dr. Colbert, we received answers to some of Café Makeup’s questions.  As background, my questions focused on anti-aging, skin protection and repair.

Of course, before anyone proceeds with their own treatment options, they should take into account their own circumstances and, if appropriate, consult a treating physician.

Also, one’s individual appearance is such a personal choice.  One should always pursue one’s own individual health first and foremost.

Here are the answers to my remaining questions:

5.  Let’s assume that a woman budgets $200-300 per month for her annual skincare regime for her at-home treatmetns.  Which are the products that she should seek out?  

The A-list Products:

    • RODIN olio lusso Lip Balm
    • One Full set of Daily Nutrition for Skin by Colbertmd:
      • Stimulate Serum
      • Nourish Eye Cream
      • Heal and Soothe Night Cream
      • Nutrify & Protect Day Cream
      • Intensify Discs for home microdermabrasion
    • The Line Rewind by Zeno to massage the skin and stimulate elastin production.
    • La Roche Possay Toleriane Dermocleanser
    • Lipikar Body Baume
    • Clarisonic Brush
    • Biomedic Foaming Cleanser
    • RODIN olio lusso Face Oil
    • Physicians UV Defense SPF 30
    • Ted Gibson Hair products
    • Line and Grow Eyelash

This set of products will last 4-5 months and figures out to less than 200 per month. It covers all your bases from dry to oily days and includes something for all seasons.

6.  What is the best way to cleanse skin?  Some advise that cleanser ingredients do not really matter, so a less expensive cleanser is fine.  They reason that because the product is on the skin for a very short time–usually less than a few minutes–that paying more for cleansers is not worth the investment. Is this true?

In cosmetics, you get what you pay for. That means that pricier cleansers often have higher grade ingrediants with better emollients and surfactants. Cetaphil or La Roche Possay Toleriane Dermocleanser are both great and not too pricey.  Soap is too drying.

Our skin changes day to day, so sometimes we do need a stronger cleanser. At New York Dermatology Group we recommend an arsenal of washes.

    • One for dry days
    • One for acne days
    • One for stress-oily days.

Reach for the one you need, depending on how your skin is feeling.

7.  What the best ways to protect skin from environmental damage?

    • Physicians UV defense sunscreen every day all year long is the most important.
    • An antioxidant skin cream (Nutrify & Protect) to fight off free radical which eat away at our collagen.
    • 4-5 glasses of water a day. Start your day of with one glass right out of bed.
    • Wear a hat whenever possible if out in the sun.
    • Take a a fish oil capsule daily.
    • Green tea one cup daily.
    • Walk whenever you can or use the stairs to promote blood flow and moderate exercise to keep cortisol levels even.
    • Never eat processed foods or high fructose corn syrup.
8. What is the best way to delay under eye wrinkles?
    • Always wear sunblock (broad spectrum).
    • Vit C cream under your block
    • Wear sunglasses that wrap around.
    • Get tiny doses of botox AKA” mini-crowtox” to stop lines from forming.
    • Nourish eye cream every night to keep puffiness down.
    • Gently use the Intensify Discs 2 times per week to exfoliate.
    • Laser toning every 3 months.
    • If over 35, then three fraxels per year and a TRIAD in office every 2-3 months.

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