Jul 292010

Edward Bess makes a beautiful deep toned highlighter called All Over Seduction in Afterglow ($38).  Although I’ve gone most of my life with a few, for some reason I’ve bought more highlighters since I started this blog than I ever imagined.  Why?  I’ve noticed what a huge (yet subtle) difference they make.  The compact is small–again, an easy throw-in-your-bag size that gives your skin a beautiful glow.  Also, some of my summer makeup mattes my skin down too much (physical sunscreens, particularly).  Adding highlighter brings it back to life.

Since I originally reviewed Edward Bess’ All Over Seduction in Sunlight, I’ve found that I love the effect on my upper cheeks.  (Yes, you can dab it on your shoulders and anywhere else too).  The slightly warm tone and texture looks so natural and pretty, catching the light in a way that makes my skin look ultra-healthy.  As we move into later summer, I wanted to try Afterglow for a deeper, near-gold color that works well with bronzers.

This picture shows the color and texture difference with some of my other cream and liquid highlighters.  RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer glows like a soft white pearl.  Edward Bess’ Sunlight brings has creamier tones.  Afterglow is shimmery light gold.  By comparison, the Soliel Tan de Chanel liquid highlighter is gold-toned, but has a brighter shimmer than Afterglow.  At least two Chanel’s makeup artists have recommended to me that Soleil Tan de Chanel can be used under foundation (or powder) to tone the texture down.  In contrast, Afterglow has a natural looking luminosity right out of the compact.  However, you can see that Afterglow is not too dark for my pale MAC NC15/Chanel Cameo – Ivoire (Intensity 1.o) skin.

To me, high end makeup is worth the price if you use it up, it looks pretty, natural and sophisticated.  Afterglow is definitely in that category.

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