Mar 192010

Edward Bess powder blush in Soft Orchid (Blush Imperiele 01 Soft Orchid)($48)(0.12 oz.) is a cool pink-orchid blush that is beautiful for spring.  I purchased this blush sight unseen from the Edward Bess counter at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.  Jennifer, who was very helpful during my call, told me that this blush is new to his line.  I’ve heard so many good reports about Edward Bess’ line from Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book, Grace at London Makeup Girl, Gaia at The Nonblonde and from so many sources on, that I knew that I couldn’t go wrong.

The packaging is undeniable elegant– a slim black hard plastic case that is packaged inside a black suede sleeve.  Of course, the usual features including a large usable mirror and complimentary blush are included.  It is roughly the size of a Chanel compact only a bit slimmer.  Inside, there is a large rectangular pan.  The first thing that I noticed is that the blush sitting in the pan changes quite a bit in different light.  However, the blush applies as a stable cool pink-violet that did not appear to change in different light in the same manner.

This photograph represents my best estimation of how the blush looks in neutral light:

Here is a comparison picture, where the light from the left side is very cool and warm on the right.  As you can see, the pan color on each side of the photograph is quite different.  The color looks almost peachy in warm light:

Of course, this phenomenon happens with nearly every cool pink blush that I’ve tried to photograph so far (Chanel Turbulent especially!), so this is not unique to Edward Bess.

I’ve only owned the blush for a few hours, but wanted to post a swatch in case you are considering a phone order to Bergdorf’s.  As I say, this applies as a cool pink-violet.  At first, I thought that this might be duplicative of Chanel’s Narcisse, however as you can see there is more purple-violet in Edward Bess’ Soft Orchid.  You can also see that Narcisse seems to include a touch more shimmer (although Soft Orchid can be supplemented with a highlighter of course).

I’ve tried the blush for a few hours and so far–I LOVE IT!  I now understand the raves about this line.  I experimented with a few different application techniques, and found that the results varied greatly depending on the brush used.  It was extremely subtle effect with softer brushes, and most pigmented with my MAC 165 highlighting brush for concentrated color.   It gives a beautiful spring-like glow without adding any shimmery or glittery bits.  How Bess gets the light to interact with the blush pigment is beyond me, but I do love the effect.  Recommended!

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