Kose Addiction Eyeshadow – Sandcastles 9P

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Mar 112010

Kose Addiction Eyeshadow in Sandcastles 9P (3150Y or roughly $34 U.S. from Ichibankao.com) is a soft yellow-cream color with lots of shimmer and sparkle.  Although the texture of this eyeshadow is designated as “P,” which is presume means “pearl,” the qualities did not more “pearly” than the “ME” (or metal) eyeshadows in this line.  Rather, Sandcastles has more shimmery bits and sparkle, and applies a little less smoothly, than the metals that I’ve tried.

Regardless, Sandcastles is a gorgeous highlighting eyeshadow, or for the inner corner:

Here is an Addiction Sandcastles swatch–as you can see there are some shimmery bits that create a bit of fallout.  It’s manageable, but not quite as smooth as the Addiction (or Shu) metals:

Here is a comparison of Rigoletto and Sandcastles, together.  You can see Rigoletto’s golden-peachy tones, compared to the sandy beige of Sandcastles.  Also, Rigoletto applies a bit more smoothly and lacks any fallout.  Sandcastles is a bit more textured–there are some sparkle bits in the highlights and a slight patchiness that needs some a bit of attention during application.  Sandcastles is not as difficult to use as a MAC lustre, for example.

Here, I’ve compared both Rigoletto and Sandcastles with some other shimmery light peaches and beige/gold colored eyeshadows that I located in my stash, Chanel Abricot, as well as MAC Goldbit and Bagatelle.  The Chanel and MAC have a great reputation for having high shimmer factors.  However, you can see that the Addiction eyeshadows seem to reflect even more light compared to Abricot, Goldbit and Bagatelle.  The Addiction shadows seem to glow a bit.  Keep in mind that the Addiction shadows are very finely-milled, and do not appear to magnify imperfections.  Rather, the shadow seems to sit nicely.

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