Sep 082013


Cafe Makeup’s inbox is awash in Spring/Summer 2014 makeup and beauty reports. I’m trying to hold it down to a mild roar (do you want to see more?). I couldn’t resist posting this one. The existence of a Nars Matte Multiple?  Yes, we say, sign us up! Here’s the latest from Nars at Thakoon SS ’14.


NARS created the look for the Thakoon SS’14 runway show. Lead Artist Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics created a look that was “all about lashes with fresh skin, a bit of dimension, and a pink lip.”


Fresh cheek

Anguilla Matte Multiple (New for Spring 2014; for now try the Riviera Multiple)
Cappadoce Matte Multiple (New for Spring 2014; for now try Palm Beach Multiple)
Laos Matte Multiple (New for Spring 2014; for now try Barbarella Lipstick)
Here’s a look at the three new matte multiples from ElleUK’s Instagram feed and swatched here:
nars matte multiples
This from Nordstrom’s Instagram, looking at many of the products used (you can see the multiples in the back):
nars thakoon
 The overall look:
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