Oct 262010

I bought the Holiday 2010 Guerlain Météorites Perles D’Or ($56 Poudre Lumières – Éclat Pur) finishing powder sight unseen.  Perles D’Or translates to “gold pearls” in French, and I thought that a gold-toned finishing powder would be lovely.  Previously, my only Météorites purchase was a sample size of the now discontinued Mythic, which I rarely touched.  The Météorites powders can be very tempting, but I found myself reaching for more traditional loose powders, and I am currently working my way through Caron’s Translucent.

Based on some pictures that I had seen, I was a little concerned because with my light complexion I was unsure how the deeper roses and violets–which fit so beautifully with the rest of the Guerlain Les Ors Collection, would look applied to my face.  Some photographs that I’d seen on the blogs and chat boards gave me the impression that the  colors were as deep as a blush.  How could I use this as an all-over face powder if it was too dark?

I was pleased to see that the container for the Perles D’Or is a metal, or metal composite, which is much sturdier than the paper cardboard packaging used for some Météorites.  Many women apply makeup near a sink, and this container is going to hold its own against the occasional splash.  The lid pulls off directly, there is no need to turn to unscrew it.  Inside, the powder balls are cushioned with a black velvet flat puff.  If you are receiving this my mail, or shipping it as a gift, it should hold up pretty well in transit.

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Oct 142010

Guerlain’s Holiday 2010 Les Ors collection includes the Midnight Star Collect’Or ($73).

Midnight Star Collection D’Or is a clear tube that resembles a magic wand filled with monocapsules of skincare primer serum.  Each individual capsule is intended to provide a fresh, single-use boost to the skin.  To begin using it, you uncap the top of this scepter, which is embossed with the gold bee logo that is the emblematic symbol of this collection.  The tube is made of a crystal-clear plastic–it is not as heavy as glass (or as subject to breakage, thank heavens), but it is quite substantial and elegant.

If you turn the large, flat cap around a few times, it breaks the seal and comes free quite easily.

My tube included ten monodoses of a primer serum that delivers an anti-oxidant complex, extracts of natural substances that raise the level of oxygen in the skin.  It also has an active ingredient, pronoctine, to shield the skin from toxins that include pollution, cigarette smoke or the like.

This serum is suspended in a pearlized based that leaves the skin feeling very smooth, but still extremely natural.  It is important to remember that serums are treatments, not moisturizers.  Although this serum benefits the skin, if you have dry skin you may need to apply the moisturizer in addition to the serum.  Guerlain’s literature recommends applying moisturizer first.

Here is a monodose and close-up of the serum.  You simply twist off the top–which is stamped with a little Midnight Star–to access the liquid inside.

Here’s my experience:

  • This is an extremely high quality serum.  It feels wonderful when applied.
  • The serum reminded me a bit of the Orchidee Imperiale Serum ($400)–there is a very light texture, is cosmetically elegant.
  • This dries down to a beautiful texture.  There is a slight, pleasant scent that fades after 15 minutes or so.  As Guerlain is a perfume specialist, you can trust that the scent is quite beautiful and not at all strong.
  • Each monodose is enough for one application to the face and neck.  If you focus just on the face, you may get nearly two uses out of a single monodose.
  • My skin felt incredibly smooth and pore less, with a bit of a tightening effect.  I could see a tiny bit of pearliness after I applied foundation.
  • The serum is very lightweight.
  • The slight pearl texture was subtle–the pearliness is suspended in a transparent base.  This does not add color to the skin, just a light, soft glaze that softens imperfections.
  • My skin felt like porcelain, although the effect was quite breathable.

There are several uses to this product in my view.  First, if you are having a stressful holiday, this is a nice way treat yourself for holiday events.  Guerlain suggests using this to refresh after a long day, to prepare your skin for holiday parties–and I agree with this.  Nothing feels more luxurious than nourished, prepared skin.  It’s really a treat to use.

Another possibility is as a gift for someone who seems to have everything, but appreciates a little luxury.  The packaging is quite beautiful and unquestionably impressive.  I would feel comfortable giving this as a gift to the most discerning recipient.

Further, this is a wonderful way to try out Guerlain’s skin care range.  You may be reluctant to invest in Guerlain’s highest quality skin care line without trying out the product first–even if a store’s return policy is liberal–it’s sometimes difficult to make the leap.  If you believe that your skin would benefit from some serious skin care, this is one way to get a sense of the quality of Guerlain’s products without making a significant initial investment.

Overall, this is a very luxurious product.  I can think of several women on my gift list that would love it.  After using this for several days, I do love the effect on my skin, and I am curious to try more of Guerlain’s impressive skincare range.

This product was provided to Café Makeup without charge for consideration.

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Oct 122010

Guerlain Les Ors Collection for Holiday 2010 includes a color from their luxurious lipstick line, Rouge G Le Brilliant Jewel Lipstick Compact in Bee (B64 $46), the color on the right of Guerlain’s promotional image.  As most makeup lovers know, the Rouge G lipsticks are housed in a jewel-like container that opens to reveal convenient touch-up mirrors, all held together by a delicate, but effective, magnet clasp.

Inside is a rich, intense violet infused with golden particles.  This fits beautifully within the holiday collections themes of golds, coppers and purple violets.

There is a small bee that hovers on the inside mirror.

The engraved case:

Here is Bee as swatched on the lips.  As you can see, the formula has a soft glow and a touch of warmth from the gold sparkle infusion, in shade with flash:

Here is the full effect on lips, Liz wearing Bee together with the gold-copper lashes of Le 2 de Guerlain Volume for Les Ors Collection.  You can see a touch of gold sparkle in her lipstick in the direct sunlight:

Like the other rich tones in the Les Ors Collection, Bee evokes drama– a confident color that makes the lips look full, moisturized and glowing.  Some violets seem to take color and life away from the skin, but Bee seems to add life, youth and glamour.  Highly recommended.

This products was provided to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration.

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