May 252012

Guerlain / Emilio Pucci Terracotta Eye Khol in Blu Acqua ($36) is a violet kohl eyeliner. The packaging is beautiful, and the color is a vibrant, shimmery violet with only a touch of blue.

The Blu Acqua Kohl is not the typical pencil design, but rather the shorter, wider open kohl design. I’ve asked several Guerlain sales associates how they are sharpened. One advocates simply using a standard sharpener. The other professed that this is “self sharpening,” which only seems possible to me if you continually apply the kohl held at an angle.

Despite its name, the kohl really is much more in the purple/violet category which I view as a plus. It’s an unusual, striking color but deep enough in its tone to work in almost any setting.

I like wearing this pushed up into my top waterline, among the mascara. It seems to brighten the whites of my eyes. I noticed that I had to use a few layers to get a good rich color (a few swipes). The texture of this is far softer than many of the kohl pencils that I’ve tried.

Verdict: Pretty color, if you swipe a few times I think you’ll fall in love.


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Mar 292010

The Guerlain Terracotta 2010 collection includes the Mirage Kohl (Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl/ Khol Poudre Libre #6)($35) is another in Guerlain’s loose powder eyeliners.  I find that although I love the look of most of Guerlain’s collections, their annual Terracotta offerings are the ones that I find the most impossible to resist.  Their bronzers and summer products are so beautiful, and they work quite well.

Guerlain’s loose powder kohls continue to surprise with their ease of application and durability. Essentially, the little container includes a highly pigmented powder that is applied with a straight metal rod, depositing the very fine powder at the lashline.  When I am really in a hurry, this is always the eyeliner that I reach for.  I find them much faster than pencils.  It’s a quick swipe, swipe and done. Guerlain includes a handy little product insert sheet which teaches the two most popular application techniques.

Mirage comes in the same familiar packaging with the clear container that looks like it is holding an exotic and very precious substance.  I’ve never experienced any spilling with these containers.  The color is a very deep chocolate brown:

Here is a very quick swipe.  As you can see, the color applies as a matte chocolate brown to give a very defined look.

I played with this on the back of my hand, and as I smeared it around in direct sunlight I did notice some extremely tiny microsparkle as I sheered the powder out completely.  This must be so fine that it doesn’t show when applied in a more typical swatch, but must help give some dimension to the powder.

I know that Guerlain makes another brown kohl called “Brun,” (or sometimes “Golden Brown”).  I don’t own Brun, but my sense from looking at pictures and reading reviews it that Brun is likely lighter, more shimmery and more golden than Mirage.

I know that I’ll get a lot of use out of Mirage, it’s a nice basic color for a quick and beautiful eye.  If you like this format for eyeliner, this is a very useful color to have.

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