Sep 202011

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Palette in Les Noirs ($59 / #09) is a combination of three very dark gray to black shades, with one pearly light pink highlighter.

The left black shade is a near-matte, very deep-toned and pigmented.  It can be used as a liner shade or touched more lightly to add depth to the crease or the outer corner.  The bottom metallic pearly gray is complicated, it is infused with multicolor shimmers.  It has a “black oil” effect that swatches in a very pretty way.  The light pink pearl is a traditional, soft color for browbone or inner corner.  The right medium gray shade has a pearly shimmery texture.

Liz and I wanted to love Les Noirs.  Unfortunately, we found a few issues with the palette that left us cold.  First, the colors are really too rich and black for our pale skintones, at least for our taste.  These three very deep colors are statement colors, and regrettably these aren’t the statements that we wanted to make.  Rather than adding drama, we found that their cool dark tones a bit aging.  Second, we found the texture of Les Noirs significantly harder to blend that the other palettes in the line.  We found that we really had to “pat pat pat” these colors on the eye area.  They seemed to drag and pull, even with very good brushes we didn’t get a smooth laydown of color without significant effort.  We had much better luck with the other Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs that we tried.

We gave this one a few tries before we thought this was ready for the camera. Here, Liz used a patting motion, and primarily relied on the pink pearl color touching the grays in the crease and outer corner very lightly.  By using mostly the lighter tones, she minimized the darkening effect which seems to close down our eye area (in a not-very-flattering way).

Liz is using Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara (reviewed here).

Bottom line–there are better palettes in Guerlain’s Ecrin 4 Couleurs line. Based on our experiences, we’d give this a “miss.”

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