Jan 132010

Chanel’s Kaska Beige Quad is beautiful mix of beige, gold and purple.

  • The lightest highlight shade is a warm cream, it’s very subtle on lighter skintones.
  • A warm, shimmery gold-taupe
  • A nearly matte, mid-tone mauve
  • A deep, shimmery jeweled amethyst

Based on my initial review, I recommend the palette.  It’s a neutral quad, but the mauve and amethyst keep this from being dull.  I love the mix of shimmer and matte.  I usually resist buying mattes, but when I put an entire eye together I realize that they are really needed to allow the shimmery colors to really sparkle.  After all, an all-shimmery eye can give a metallic cast to the eye area that detracts.  Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think….

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