Nov 032013

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We received three little treats from b-glowing on In case you don’t already know, OpenSky is an online retailer that allows entities to curate their “best of the best” for easy finding and shopping. b-glowing is one of the retailers that has a store on OpenSky, which shows a delightful array of high-end products that can make you b-glow, including is amazing Anna Sui blush (these colors remind me of the Guerlain Noir G palette), ways to keep hydrated like this bkr Summer  Color glass bottle, and this b-glowing OpenSky Curated Gift Box “All that Shimmers.” Pretty, pretty, pretty! 

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin02

The items sent to Cafe Makeup includes the By Terry Baume de Rose ($60), a multi-tasking moisturizing and healing product that works beautifully on lips and cuticles on the fingers. This is truly one of the finest lip balms on the market, and it softened both my lips and cuticles to youthful, healthy softness in one overnight session. I’m glad that I won’t have to face the drying winter air without this.

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin05

Like many luxury products, By Terry Baume de Rose works beautifully. It applies nearly clear with a pleasant, faint, soft rose scent. It works amazingly quickly and well–far better than the balms and cuticle products that sell in the under $20 range. It doesn’t feel heavy, oily, or buttery–rather, it goes on with a very soft feel and is absorbed into the skin gradually. Since I got it, I’ve been carrying it from my desk side to my purse, I simply don’t want to be without it. If you’d like another perspective, check out this video review by Seth Akins who loves it as much as I do.

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin07

b-glowing also carries the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in #8 Paradise Island.  This is a pretty, bright pearly blue aqua color. I’ve long coveted the By Terry Ombre Blackstar, and it’s only a matter of time before I start acquiring more items in her line. Here’s a photo of nearly all the rest at The Black Panties.

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin09

These eye colors go on with the gorgeous, gliding luminosity. I’d love to get more colors in this same formula.

By Terry2

Finally, b-glowing carries Kevyn Aucoin’s The Celestial Powder Candlelight

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin10

This is a gorgeous, perfect highlighter that gives enough glow to make a difference but includes no sparkle. Housed in a chic, slim package with a brush, this is a powder is ready to travel.

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin12

For those that like a little bit of natural looking, healthy glow, this product is amazing.

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin16

Here are some comparison swatches with the more Chanel Poudre Signe, Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight, the metallic rose gold MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish (which I believe will be re-promoted just around December 26th, and Bobbi Brown Skinfinish in Gold (which does have glitter bits and is far more yellow).

Kevyn Aucoin Candelight swatches6

Another set:

Kevyn Aucoin Candelight swatches7

By the way, if you’re interested in a genius highlighting tutorial, check out this one from Wayne Goss. I love this highlighter. By the way, look at this cute sample kit that b-glowing included with the products–including a sample of Mad Madame from Juliette with a Gun, First Aid Beauty, Oscar Blandi and Erno Lazlo. These people know how to glow!

By Terry Kevyn Aucoin18

These products were sent to Cafe Makeup for consideration for review. This post contains link, but they are not affiliate links.

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Nov 122012

Kevyn Aucoin’s line has just released several new products, including some buttery soft, highly pigmented eyeshadow duos.  I screeched to a halt when I saw them at a Space NK counter inside Bloomingdales in San Francisco.  As you likely know, Kevyn Aucoin’s line is also sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Here’s a quick snapshot of all the shades. Not being Karlasugar (plus I was already late for a meeting), I apologize but I do not have the names or swatches of all (click to enlarge):

Most of these shades have a gorgeous shimmer quality that reminds me of the old Shu Uemura eyeshadow singles circa 2004. Amazing complexity and beautiful texture. I did purchase one (just to play), which is the front-and-center duo with two highlighting shades, Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Shadow Duo Shimmering Wheat #202 ($42).

I recognize that Shimmering Wheat is an unconventional first choice to get into a new line. There are several amazing duos which would be safe, stand-alone palettes (look at the shades toward the left, especially the middle and bottom rows). Nonetheless, I’ve bought more than a few highlighter shades that seemed to lack complexity and pigmentation recently.  When I saw the gorgeous complexity, pigmentation and softness of Shimmering Wheat, I knew that I’d use it immediately with several items that I already own. Swatches:

One more:

In the meantime, I took a quick picture of the new Kevyn Aucoin matte eyeshadow singles as well:

It is lovely to see the line infused with products that meet the excellence of the existing line. If you are in the neighborhood of a counter, these are well worth a look.


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