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Kiehl's BB Cream06

Lately, I’ve been trying several new foundations and variations–BB Creams, CC Creams, and the like. This includes Kiehl’s BB Cream SPF 50 ($37/ 1.35 oz.). This is a generous tube with great intentions.

Kiehl's BB Cream07

Really, Kiehl’s has all the right boxes checked. It has a great sunscreen rating at SPF 50. It contains Vitamin C and advertises that it can (over time) color correct skin tone irregularities. It gives serious medium coverage. There’s a generous 1.35 ounces in this travel-friendly, lightweight squeeze tube for a well-priced $37. Who wouldn’t love it?

Kiehl's BB Cream05

Well, I didn’t love it. First, the scent of this product is strong (it’s a sunscreen type of a scent) and it just didn’t seem to fade. Also, Kiehl’s BB Cream has a heavy feeling on my skin that I just could accept. I tried this for a few days, but ultimately found that it just didn’t ever quite feel right. I was too conscious of it.

Kiehl's BB Cream08

The final straw was that the product just didn’t make my skin look better. Unlike Shiseido’s Urban Environment Sun Protector (available here), the Kiehl’s didn’t meld with my skin and improve the texture and glow. The Shiseido offers a more cosmetically elegant solution to the suncare protection question.  Note, however, that Kiehl’s coverage is stronger than Shiseido’s, so if you are looking for some strength in that department, that has to weigh in too.

Kiehl's BB Cream12

There’s a lot to love about Kiehl’s BB Cream, and I know there are a lot of fans out there. It comes in four colors–Fair, Fair/Light, Light, and Medium. I chose to try the product in Light, which was a bit too dark for me. Here are swatches of Kiehl’s BB Cream in Light next to MAC Pro Longwear Liquid Foundation in NC15 and Shiesido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation (the one in the blue bottle) in SP 20:

Kiehl's BB Cream swatches2

Here are the ingredients for  Kiehl’s BB Cream:

keils ingredients


Kiehl's BB Cream04

We’re so fortunate to have such a good range of foundations available, and I had high hopes for Kiehl’s. I’ve heard great things about it’s (now discontinued) tinted moisturizer. I think that my skin and the texture of this one just didn’t seem to be compatible. Perhaps you’ve had better luck?

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