May 162012

Le Metier de Beaute’s On the Coast Palette ($95) was a “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” release on about two weeks ago. Because so many more wanted to purchase it, they company has promised to replenish the stock of the palette. Here is the former onsite link, although I don’t know for certain whether Saks will use the same page when the re-stocking occurs.

I’ve been reaching for this palette more days than not since it arrived. It’s extraordinarily easy to use. Typically, I use the lightest color as a lid wash (up to the crease), then choose either the second or third level to put into the cease. If I have a few more seconds, I’ll add the blue as a liner. Done. Polished. Shimmery. Pretty. Although you could easily layer these shades, I think they work quite well on their own, blended together.

The first layer is a shimmery beach sand color, a cool-toned beige that is quite close to my natural skin color:

The second layer is a shimmery taupe:

The third is a shimmery rich bronze:

The fourth layer is a medium shimmery blue:

First set of swatches:

Additional swatches:

Final set, very similar but just because:

Overall, this is a highly usable, high quality neutral palette. As you may recall, this palette was originally produced to commemorate the line’s addition to, and I believe it serves that purpose well.  The colors are true crowd-pleasers, versatile, and will look good on a variety of skin-tones.

I almost didn’t post this review, because I know that some are unhappy that the palette was produced in a boutique quantity for national release. I have found the palette extremely useful, so I thought I’d go ahead (actually, I’m sort of in love with it). It’s a great everyday palette, true to its coastal theme (a vibrant purple-blue instead of the blue would have added an edge, but I’m not complaining. The blue is a gorgeous blue). Indeed, the colors are so friendly that some might check their Le Metier stash to see whether they might own some of these colors already. Having said that, I’m happy to pack my On the Coast with me on future trips. The versatility of this palette makes it well worth the tiny amount of space it’s going to occupy. Well done, Le Metier!!


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Dec 312011

Le Metier de Beaute has released a Blush Kaleidoscope ($95/ Neimans in Troy, Michigan), which includes a combination of colors made with a high-quality, beautifully milled powder. The Best Things In Beauty has been tracking the line’s limited releases this season, and most of them I’ve skipped. With this exception. I find that very high-quality blush palettes are rare, so I called to order one when this was released. Because I don’t own any of Le Metier’s powder blushes (typically sold for $30 each), this seems a safe introduction to this aspect of the line.

Other than The Best Things In Beauty’s review, there is a helpful write-up by Le Metier de Beaute’s Mikey Castillo (here), there is another review at The Beauty Info Zone, who says that more will be available in January. I thought it useful to take a few moments to write up some thoughts.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with the palette. The blushes can be layered beautifully. The power is finely milled, so that one can layer without the color blocking up or caking (I wore the top three levels layered and loved the pink-peach-gold effect). The pigmentation is excellent-a dense brush lays down significant color and a soft brush just a bit. There is a range of textures from matte to shimmer. Le Metier de Beaute has included a “shimmer” shade that can be layered with the matte shades to add versatility. I’m very glad that I’ve ordered it, and I know I’ll get significant use from it.

First, the basics. The packaging:

The label:

The ingredients (click to enlarge):

As with other Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes, the packaging is extremely compact and seems quite strong. It has a flip-top mirror and swing-out pans.  The pans are unnamed:

The top pan (I’ve called it “Level 1”) is a soft matte honey apricot:

The Level 2 is a matte pink rose, in the same family as Chanel Rose Ecrin:

Level 3 is a honey gold shimmer that can be used alone as a warm shimmer or layered over the other colors.  Unsurprisingly, this shade is not entirely transparent–so when you lay down this color over another, it knocks down the pigmentation a bit. In other words, it adds a touch of gold nude in addition to the shimmer. If you like, you can limit this layer to the upper cheekbones:

Layer 4 is a gorgeously shimmery cool pink:

Swatches of all shades:

Here’s a quick attempt to put the gold Layer 3 over the two matte layers:

Here’s Liz wearing Layer 4 alone. She’s also wearing Chanel Rouge Allure in Super (because she loves that one):

Overall, Le Metier has a winner here.  The price works out to about $25 per blush. If you care, the box lists the total weight as 0.49 ozs. The colors are highly wear-able, on trend, beautifully made, and the packaging is modern and travel-friendly. Yes, yes, yes!!

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May 042010

Le Mètier de Beauté is a line that I know very little about, except that Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman carry their products online and other beauty bloggers, including The Non-Blonde, seem to think highly of their products.  In fact, last year I put off thinking about their products until I could get back to Paris.  Their French name led me to think that they were a French-based company, or at least sold in France.

As it turns out, the name means “The Craft of Beauty” in French, is not sold in Paris at all.  I found very little information about the company, other than blogs reporting that there are two (nameless) founders who are devoted to exceptionally high quality.  When Bergdorf’s ran their latest promotion ($25 off $100), I included a Le Mètier de Beauté product in my order–one of the Kaleidescope palettes called Dévotion ($95 for .49 oz).

What arrived is an exceptionally beautiful product.  Thank heavens I don’t have to wait to get to Paris again to try this out.  Here’s the gorgeous little black box that it arrived in:

The palette is a four-tiered round design, with each large pan designed to swing out, then “click” into place for storage.  The packaging is a grey-black plastic that seems sturdy enough, although I’m not entirely sure that the sliding pans will stay in place when jostling through airport check-in.  It’s certainly stable enough for a makeup drawer or makeup kit.  This is larger in diameter than a MAC blush.

Here is the palette in the “open” position:

Compare this to the picture of the same palette on…

I’m not complaining, just observing that the color online looks….different…than the palette in real life.  Well, fine.

Here are pictures of the individual pans.

The first tier is a shimmery gold-wheat:

The second tier is a rich shimmery purple:

The third tier is a coppery-metallic bronze-copper-orange:

Last, the fourth tier is a deep, dreamy navy blue:

All pictures are click-able for a larger view. And, I suggest that you do (especially that second-tier purple–it’s nice!).

Still, I appreciate that we cannot live by pictures in the pan alone.  I should have some swatches of this palette later this week.  It’s so beautiful, but I did run out of light shooting these and it’s very difficult to get swatches without some ambient natural light.  In the meantime, take care all you beauties!

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