Sep 022011

I swear, I’m not trying to turn Cafe Makeup into “Chanel dupe” central (far from it).  We previously examined how Revlon Carbonite compares.  I learned from via a twitter message from Nouveau Cheap that this year’s L’Oreal Color of Hope collection included a near-Graphite color, L’Oreal Valiant.  Above, the bottle shows that they are all certain part of a trend of gray-green–they look like cousins.

 On nail, you can see that L’Oreal Valiant is more firmly in the chrome/frost texture, rather than the embedded sparkle of Chanel Graphite.  Here’s a picture of all three:  L’Oreal Valiant, Chanel Graphite, and Revlon Carbonite:

More comparisons in sunlight with flash:

One more in shade with flash:

My conclusion is that these aren’t true dupes, although between the two Revlon Carbonite is closer.  To me, Carbonite has more of the sparkle quality of Chanel Graphite while Valiant is a sheeny frost in texture.

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