Jul 102010

MAC’s Alice + Olivia collection includes Later ($19.50), a multidimensional off-black.  If you swatch this in a store, you will probably not choose this. It was only after I used the product wet that I found its magic.

I have a strong love of black eyeshadows, they can really add some beautiful effects when used properly.  I also love off-blacks, those eyeshadows that have either a duochrome or other flash of color.  Later is a neutral-with-a-kick.

Later’s magic is a duochrome blue-purple that comes out most strongly used wet.  Here it is, compared with two other off-blacks in my collection, Addiction’s Neverland and Guerlain’s L’Instant D’une Emotion.

Shown in strong sunlight, you can see the multidimension color of Later used wet–primarily a purple with touches of blue.

This picture shows Later’s duochrome most strongly along with the glitter bits (Addiction’s Neverland and Guerlain’s L’Instant d’une Emotion do not have glitter).

Like Partylicious, Later was produced in very limited qualities so don’t wait long if you like it.  This is not an everyday shadow, but it can be used to create some drama on an otherwise neutral eye (or really amp up something colorful!).  As an aside, I skipped the other pigment in this collection (If It Sparkles), a pink sparkle shade, as not something that I’d likely wear.  Also, it seems close enough to MAC’s permanent Pink Opal for my purposes.

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Jul 102010

MAC teamed with Alice + Olivia to create a small line of edgy pieces, including Partylicious pigment ($19.50).  Although I sometimes find MAC a little frustrating with its continual, numerous limited edition releases, one reason that I keep an eye on the line is their ability to collaborate with new designers.  Alice + Oliva was founded by college friends Stacey Bendet and Rebecca Matchett in 2002.  Bendet is currently the line’s primary designer, incorporates element of vintage, edge, fun and culture in her line.

Because I have a strong fondness for MAC’s pigments, I picked up Partylicious on release day.   One note of caution: MAC did not produce many of these.  These evaporated online in one day, and my local MAC got very, very few pieces.  If you want it, and can find it, grab it quick!

Although Partylicious looks teal, it actually leans quite green to give it a mermaid feel.

Like many pigments, the quality of this shadow changes entirely when used wet.

  • The first swatch is dry–you can see that this is going to give a very soft green-blue look, especially if applied sheerly. It has a watercolor quality when used lightly.
  • The second swatch is wet, used with a drop of MAC’s Mixing Medium for eyes-instant drama! This is a liner-only color for my pale coloring but other makeup lovers would be able to rock this one out or incorporate into a mermaid eye.
  • This is a comparison with my best teal–the old-school Shu Uemura ME Blue 638–made before the reformulation.  Gorgeous, right? But this shows that Partylicious has a strong green quality compared to a true teal.

Partylicious is just a little outside my comfort zone, but that’s one of the main reasons that I picked it up.  Overall, it’s a beautiful color that I won’t use often but reserve for those times when I want to push my limits.

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