Mar 212010

MAC’s Liberty of London Prim & Proper Blush ($18.50) appears in the pan to be a peachy-brown nude that would look perfect with the gray and purple eyeshadows in the collection.  The blush, which is listed as a “neutral nude matte” on MAC Cosmetic’s website, is lighter and peachier than most of the nudes that I have in my collection.

The texture of the blush does not seem to be a true matte–rather, there is a bit of life and reflectivity to the blush.  It does apply as a beautiful nude, although it pulls a little more pink-mauve than I expected from looking at the blush in the pan:

I applied swatches several different times on my arm and on my face, and each time I got a nude with a touch of peach, but also a strong pink-mauve pull.  Side by side, Prim & Proper looks a bit similar to MAC’s Sunbasque in the pan.  However, when applied Prim & Proper has a much stronger pink and very subtle sheen.  On the other hand, Sunbasque is much oranger, browner and more sparkly.

Prim & Proper may be a “your mileage may vary blush.”  That is, it seems to be a nice nude on everyone, but some reports indicate that it applies as a peachier nude on some.  On me, however, the blush has a much pinker tone particularly compared with Sunbasque’s orange.  I certainly don’t already have a blush this color and so I’m happy with my choice, although I’m a little confused that at the way that the color looks applied.  I strongly recommend trying this yourself before committing because the color application seems to be a bit different on everyone.

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