Aug 262010

In addition to NARS beautiful and versatile Rajasthan duo, NARS brings us Tzarine ($32), a softer and less dramatic warm-cool eyeshadow combination.  Like Rajasthan, Tzarine is a “cannot miss” powder duo that makes application so effortless, with a beautiful result, that I strongly recommend considering it.  I ordered it immediately after Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book posted her review, an impulse purchase that was later confirmed as the right choice by Joeybunny’s review at The Pink Sith.  Both of them were absolutely right–Tzarine is so pretty and enhances one’s individual features.  I can imagine that this duo will look lovely on a wide variety of skintones.

My schedule has been out of control the past few weeks, and Tzarine has been my makeup BFF.  It’s so easy to sweep on the lighter shade as an all-over lid shade, from lashline to crease.  I think work the deeper grey into my crease, then adding another layer over the top of my black eyeliner.  Like Rajasthan, it’s one brush, one minute and I’m done.  The effect is simple, polished and very pretty.


Comparison between Rajasthan and Tzarine:

At a reader request, I add this last picture, which compares the grey of NARS Tzarine with a few other greys in my collection.

The shades are left-to-right MAC Swan Lake, MAC Smoke & Diamonds, NARS Tzarine, Chanel Silvery and Gunmetal from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  Of these, Urban Decay in Gunmetal is closest in color.  However, the texture of the two shadows is quite different. Urban Decay Gunmetal applies quite heavily and with a metal sheen.  By contrast, Tzarine has a lighter, softer look and must be built up to reach full pigmentation–even then, the grey in Tzarine does not have the metal of Gunmetal.

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Apr 082010

Believe it or not, the picture below is actually  in full color.  No, I’m not kidding–these are my favorite gray eyeshadows.  No brown, no taupe, no green, no white, no kidding.  Just straight grays, which can be both very striking and easy to wear.  I tried to stay away from silvers, but some shimmery grays sneak into silver, so I’m not sure that I succeeded.

These are eyeshadows that I’ve collected over the years, and you will see some limited edition and “old school” Bobbi Brown packaging.  There are a few more that I might add, such as Chanel Silvery, but I’m mentally preparing for a Chanel Eyeshadow single marathon in a few weeks so I thought I’d do it then.

  • Absolute favorite:  Make Up For Ever #145 is a shimmery luminous gray that adds light to my lids.  It’s a sweep-on and look-polished color, and looks really nice with black liner.
  • Second favorite:  MAC Swan Lake was sold with the Danse collection a few years ago.  I find this the most similar to Make Up For Ever’s #145, but it has a bit more pigment and shimmer.
  • Two classics from Bobbi Brown:  Steel, a deep matte grey and Sterling, a light gray shimmerwash, look great together
  • MAC’s Softwashed is a shimmery dark gray that borders on silver, but it’s so beautiful I had to include it
  • Lorac Dreamy has an amazing pigmentation and color, although it can look a little blue when applied to my warm coloring.

Here are individual swatches:

Do you have any favorite grays?  What do you recommend?

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