Apr 182013

Mac Nudes & Metallics Group 21

MAC is just releasing a Pro-only collection called Nudes & Metallics, which consists of coordinating eyeshadows and lipsticks. Essentially, the Nudes collection includes four light-to-dark shades in soft finishes. As the name suggests, the Metallics are richly pigmented, metal-shine colors. Although I do not typically buy much MAC, this pro release had the promise of satisfying my craving for neutrals with a twist, so I invested in the eyeshadows of this collection.

Details on this release are little hard to track down. According to Temptalia, the collection is MAC PRO store (4/18/13) and PRO Online only (mid June 2013). Non-PRO members should buy from a Pro store now, because non-pro members do not have access to the MAC Pro online site.

MAC Nudes & Metallics group 11

This review looks at the four Nude eyeshadowsBare Minimum, Glimpse of Flesh, Body Conscious and Exposed ($15 each). All have a nicely pigmented Satin finish.

Mac Nudes Group 11

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Jan 042013

MAC Taupe Shape Chanel Notorious1a

I’ve had a long time fascination with neutral blushes. I suppose it is only a matter of time before I just move into contour powders. But for now I thought it would be interesting to compare some recent acquisitions with some old favorites.

In the Strength Collection, Mac released Taupe Shape ($20) and Poised ($20). These sold out almost immediately online. According to a response to my email, Mac’s customer services stated that neither will be restocked online. The Strength Collection was also released in Mac stand-alone stores (but not department store counters). Several Mac stand-alone stores seemed to have gotten a good supply of both Taupe Shape and Poised, so if you are interested those stand alone stores are the only places to find them.

MAC Taupe Shape Chanel Notorious2

Intrigued by the name “Taupe Shape,” I wondered whether this blush might be a more user-friendly version of Chanel Notorious (now apparently sold out). As it turns out, it is (sort of). Mac’s Taupe Shape is softer, ever so slightly warmer, and far less pigmented. These combine to make early morning application more user-friendly and foolproof. Of course, Mac’s Taupe Shape lacks Chanel Notorious’ drama, but I don’t know of any blushes (ever) as dramatic as Notorious.

MAC Taupe Shape Chanel Notorious1a4

Some will find Mac Taupe Shape far too cool and too edgy. For those, I recommend Mac Poised, or a more brown or amber blush. Here I compare this to my well-worn Shu Amber 85 (long discontinued, a matte) and Mac Sur, a mauve-brown that sold out in a heartbeat last year. However, there are other brown blushes on the market (check Illamasqua Create, Nars Madly, Burberry Earthy and others) or even soft bronzers that can do the trick. Other worthy contenders are the softly mauve Giorgio Armani Blush #5 (reviewed here by The Black Panties) and the amber Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata (reviewed here by The Pink Sith).

MAC Taupe Shape Chanel Notorious1a3

I can barely apply Chanel Notorious with a standard brush. I use a duo fiber and also wipe it down before application. Mac Taupe Shape can be used with an angled or small-headed blush brush (for precise placement). Some may find Mac Taupe Shape and Poised too shimmery for contour purposes (compare these to The Beauty Look Book’s review of the Mac Sculpting powders). I didn’t find Taupe Shape very shimmery on my cheeks, personally. Heavy application with flash:

MAC Taupe Shape Chanel Notorious7a

Other posts that you might find interesting is Messy Wands review of Chanel Notorious and Temptalia’s Review of Mac Taupe Shape. Another is Cafe Makeup’s review of Burberry’s Light Glow Earthy Blush.

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Jan 262011

The other day, Liz and I were playing around with some pink lipsticks, and we noticed how the difference in texture and tone affected final impact of the look. On one hand, we used RMK Irresistible Lips B in Pink (#04), which I obtained from a beauty blogging friend kind enough to ship it to me from the UK. In case you are unfamiliar RMK is a very high quality brand from Japan. This sells for approximately $40 on Ichibankao.

RMK Pink has an absolutely gorgeous, moisturizing formula.  It feels like a light, luxurious balm, and the moist look translates to the lip, imparting a gorgeous fullness and glow.  This is a very soft warm watermelon pink that is absolutely flattering on warm skin tones.  It has a touch of sheerness, that lets some of the natural lip color to show through.

For contrast, we played with MAC’s Nicki Minaj Pink Friday ($14.50), a rebellious cool, flat pink that Liz stole for her own stash.  This one sold out instantly, but is rumored to return.

I suppose it is not surprising that I preferred RMK Pink, and Liz preferred Pink Friday?  At any rate, I could not get over how the different textures and formula really were.

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Jan 142011

Blink and you’ll miss them….the latest MAC Collections seem to come and go with extraordinary speed lately.  This is a very short post, to be honest, by the time I could do a thorough review of these products, they will be sold out.  For now, I’m going to post a few pictures just to preserve these very (fleeting) collections.

First, MAC + Mickey Contractor, celebrating the talents of this famous Bollywood makeup designer, seemed to disappear almost the moment were posted.  Fortunately, the eyeshadow quad (Athma $36) and the Fluidline eyeliner (Siahi $15) are back in stock for now.

The brick red Sur and sheer light Gana blushes ($18.50 each), sold out right away.  They look quite similar to the Chanel Soho highlighter and blush palette so I wouldn’t feel too badly if you missed them.  Generally, I liked the look of the Mickey Contractor Collection. I love a good collaboration.  Plus, it has a very “neutrals with a kick” vibe that I really enjoy.

Second, MAC released Mega Metal Eyeshadows in Peacocky, a dizzying collection of mostly bright, saturated colors. These have extra big pans, sell for $19.50 each, and to my mind seem as soft as a Dior eyeshadow quint.  Thanks to Karla Sugar’s comprehensive swatches, I was able to eliminate all but the three that I chose– The soft, light cream with a touch of peach Peek-at-You, the cream with a slight green cast Dalliance, and the deep taupe Unflappable.

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Nov 102010

MAC’s Holiday 2010 A Tartan Tale collection includes Reelers and Rockers ($36), a mix of cool and metallic tones.  In the past, I loved to buy MAC’s Holiday eye palettes, routinely purchasing two or three.  The price-per-shadow is low, they are usually cute/fun and I love the convenience of a palette for travel.

This year, after reviewing my own collection, I realized that most of MAC’s 2010 eye palettes would be duplicative.  I ordered only one-Reelers and Rockers-online, because it has the most of my favorite MAC finish–Veluxe Pearl.  I’ve loved several –some have a sheen that glows without glitter, they apply smoothly and beautifully.

After I ordered this online, I saw this in a brick and mortar store and worried, “what was I thinking?”  This palette did not seem to be my style at all. I was very tempted to return it without  trying it out, but that seemed to break the first rule of beauty blogging–>  Don’t judge a palette by its cover (or something like that).

Reelers and Rockers comes in a gift-able uber cute yellow box:

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