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Make Up For Ever (“MUFE”) has introduced a new line of blushes called HD High Definition Blush (HD Microfinish Blush) ($25) that recently appeared on and Make Up For Ever’s own website.  Being curious about these new products, and impressed with Make Up For Ever as a line, I ordered two to give these a try.

In the picture, the one on the left is #2, called “Bright Raspberry” on and “Carmine” on MUFE’s website.   On the right is #1, called “Vibrant Plum” on and “Cassis” on MUFE’s website.

The blushes arrived packaged in clear tubes with a push-top applicator.  The package is a lightweight plastic.  Because of the clear tube and vibrancy of the blush, it will be very easy to tell when you are close to running out.  By pushing the applicator part-way down, the flow of the product could be controlled to some degree if you are very careful.

There are not very many products on the market for comparison.  Giorgio Armani made a liquid pump blush on a limited edition basis a few years ago, and some of their fluid sheers can be used as blushes.  However, Armani does not have the color range of MUFE’s by a long stretch. You get more for the price with Giorgio Armani’s pump liquids.  That is, MUFE’s HD Blushes are .33 fluid ounces for $25;  Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer’s are $59 for 1.0 fluid ounce.  The MUFE HD pump is not as easy to control as a Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, nor is the packaging as sturdy.  However, the texture of MUFE’s HD Blushes is completely unique in my experience.

The HD Blushes are remarkably small, and very highly pigmented.  Here is a size comparison between the HD Blushes and a MAC lipstick container:

Compact, right?  However, the pigmentation of the product is really what matters–and this blush is enormously pigmented.  The tiniest dab is enough to do both cheeks easily.  The texture of the blush is reminiscent of a stain –it does not add or subtract to the natural texture of your cheek.  Thus, when I was wearing this over a foundation, it neither added any shimmer nor did it mattify.  It sort of melted onto the skin as a soft layer of color.

I was only able to test one of these for a full day before writing this review.  I can report that it lasted all day, including a one-hour workout, until I removed it with an oil cleanser.  I got no color-shift or fading that I was able to notice.  The application process was easy–a tiny squirt onto one finger, then tiny dabs over the cheek before blending.

I can tell it’s going to take me a day or two more of practice to be able to do a natural gradation on the cheek and to control where to concentrate the color.  I’m sure it can be done, but I haven’t quite gotten that down yet.

Here are color swatches of #1 Vibrant Plum/Cassis, in three different intensities:

Here are swatches of #2 with Bright Raspberry/Carmine:

Overall, I like these very much and recommend them.  Of course, your mileage may vary.  Here’s some more specific thoughts.  On the plus side:

– Huge pigmentation, can be sheered down to a glow

– Great quality-the color looks the same on the cheek as in the tube (except more sheerly applied of course)

– Great staying power/ no color shift

– Lightweight, seems like a gel-texture that isn’t prone to clogging pores

– Beautiful range of colors

A few minuses:

– I’m worried about traveling with these, the packaging seems a little fragile

– The pump might be a little difficult to control–you only need the tiniest bit to get enough

– Not enough testers available in stores yet

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