Jan 142016

MUFE HD Concealer - 15When I saw Wayne Goss’ review of the new Make Up For Ever HD Concealers ($27), I stopped by my local boutique to take a look at the new line (swatches of all shades are at The Beauty Look Book). I chose two–Y23 Ivory, which is a good match (leaning toward lighter) for my MAC NC15/ Chanel Ivoire skin tone. The other is the peachy R22, which can be used under as a corrector for blue-toned dark circles.

The consistency of these products is highly opaque with a very thin/small amount of product. You don’t need much at all. The squeeze tube is well-designed–it’s substantial but easy to work with. Unlike some, the MUFE HD Concealer comes with a secure screw top that doesn’t seem to work its way open for no reason whatsoever. The tip has a hard plastic white surround, which is a nice, controllable surface that can be easily cleaned to stay sanitary. The white color of this tip helps me see the amount of product coming out a bit better. I need (much) less than a drop to do both undereyes.

MUFE HD Concealer - 13

I tap a bit under each, and then pat it out with my ring finger. The tiniest bit gives me stable, all-day, opaque coverage.

MUFE HD Concealer - 7

There are a few outstanding features about the Make Up For Ever HD Concealer.  First, it does not look dry.  Some highly-pigmented concealers of yesteryear seems to turn under eyes into a desert. That’s because MUFE’s is infused with moisturizing skin care (the line calls them Hyaluronic Spheres and claims to stimulate collagen).  Despite the addition of skin care, the product doesn’t slide around or migrate into fine lines. I’ve tested this for four very long days, and was impressed with the longevity of the product for use undereyes. If you find the right color match and blend the edges, it does look like natural skin.

MUFE HD Concealer - 11

I’ve also tested the product on an area of my face to cover a small mole, just to see. I was happy with the performance–I did set it with a powder, which is important for liquid/creams I’ve found. For larger areas of the face, it’s a little hard to sheer out but it can be done. This is because the product is so pigmented.  The consistency is quite pleasant and blendable–it’s not as liquidy as Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Concealer, nor as thick as Keven Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer. It’s easy to work with.

If I were to buy again, I would have gotten either the corrector or the concealer, but not both.  The product is highly pigmented, and so using either one is fine for me. In other lines, I typically need both to get the job done. If I use the peachy R22 shade, I color-correct by bringing my foundation up to my undereye area. The Y23 shade can be used either alone or with foundation over it.  I do not typically powder over my concealer under my eyes, and I did not do so to test this product.

Overall, Make Up For Ever Concealer ($27) is a well-designed, high performing concealer. I’m surprised that the product’s longevity is so excellent given that it has moisturizer. The look is beautiful, and I can be more confident knowing that I my undereyes look well-rested and slightly lifted all day.

MUFE HD Concealer - 1

Make Up For Ever HD Concealer is available at Sephora.

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Jun 172010

Make Up For Ever has rolled out a line of twenty-two new cream lip, cheek and eye colors, called the Aqua Cream line ($22 each).  Every time I visit my local Sephora, I’m more intrigued by these products.  They are budge-proof, easy to work with, and have a glorious texture.  They do not feel dry or silicon-y, rather they feel as though they will go exactly where you want them, then stay there all day long.  Here’s their blurb:

Aqua Cream combines the highest-quality pigments with mother of pearl particles to give immediate rich color payoff with a luminous finish in just one application. It’s long-lasting formulation will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions and its creamy and elastic texture allows for easy blending.

I’m going to throw this out there–If anyone is seriously upset at MAC’s constant limited edition pushes, look very hard at Make Up For Ever as an excellent alternative to MAC.  Make Up For Ever does permanent releases of beautiful, creative colors that are easily available from many Sephora outlets and online.  Rather than sporadic, limited-time releases, Make Up For Ever has large, versatile, permanent release of some beautiful products that really perform.  They’re poised to release more thirty-five (35!) lip glosses and fifty (50!) new lipsticks in the Fall.  Permanently (well, as permanent as anything is in the makeup world).  They’ve gotten my attention, some of my wallet, and piece of my makeup-loving heart.

Several of the blush/lip colors look very promising.  However, some of the eye colors are so vibrant that I’m not sure that I can pull them off.  One eye color that I knew I would love immediately is Taupe #15.  Behold its creamy taupe goodness:

The application is easy with a finger or brush (I moisturize my lid first, no primer).   These blend well with my other cream eyeshadows.  Also, I have used this for an eyeshadow base with my other taupe powder eyeshadows.  They last all day.  Depending on the light, they have a touch of reflectivity (which must be the pearl that’s been added to the formula).

Here is a swatch in direct sun with flash.  The three swatches are light, medium and heavy application:

Here is a swatch in softer, more diffuse, natural light.  You can see that it loses some of the more golden, metallic quality in shade.  This is more how the shadow looks on my eye in most normal lighting conditions:

Final verdict:  Two dancing thumbs up. I’m looking forward to trying a few more of these soon!

P.S. One of the line-number 19 Violet-will not be sold in the U.S., so expect to see only 21 of these at the U.S. Sephora.

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Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil

 Eyeliner  Comments Off on Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil
May 202010

Make Up For Ever sells a double-ended lip and eye pencil that includes two light-toned beiges, called the Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil (Crayon Anti-Cernes/ Eye and Lip Liner Concealer)($18).  I was delighted to find this–my old Benefit had been discontinued and although MAC’s Chromographic pencils seemed promising, I wanted to get something that was easily available to me.  I picked up Make Up For Ever’s at my local Sephora, and I see that it is carried online.

This pencil can be used to blank out pigmentation in lips or in the inner rim of the eye, making this dual-ended pencil appropriate for doing double-duty.  This is especially useful during allergy season or whenever my eyes are irritated, because it gives an eye-brightening effect to the inner rim.  Although sometimes white pencils can be use for the same purpose, I find beige ones much more natural-looking.

Here is quick look at each end of the Make Up For Ever offering:

Light end:

Deeper color end:

Sephora only sells this pencil in a shade marked “Light” and I am not sure whether Make Up For Ever makes this pencil in deeper colors.  What I did find was that the two colors can be mixed in case you need a shade inbetween the two.

The lasting power of this is excellent–my skin is normal to dry and the color lasts well on the waterline. They do not irritate my contact lenses either.  I’m happy to have found a product that seems quite versatile.

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Mar 032010

Make Up For Ever (“MUFE”) has introduced a new line of blushes called HD High Definition Blush (HD Microfinish Blush) ($25) that recently appeared on Sephora.com and Make Up For Ever’s own website.  Being curious about these new products, and impressed with Make Up For Ever as a line, I ordered two to give these a try.

In the picture, the one on the left is #2, called “Bright Raspberry” on Sephora.com and “Carmine” on MUFE’s website.   On the right is #1, called “Vibrant Plum” on Sephora.com and “Cassis” on MUFE’s website.

The blushes arrived packaged in clear tubes with a push-top applicator.  The package is a lightweight plastic.  Because of the clear tube and vibrancy of the blush, it will be very easy to tell when you are close to running out.  By pushing the applicator part-way down, the flow of the product could be controlled to some degree if you are very careful.

There are not very many products on the market for comparison.  Giorgio Armani made a liquid pump blush on a limited edition basis a few years ago, and some of their fluid sheers can be used as blushes.  However, Armani does not have the color range of MUFE’s by a long stretch. You get more for the price with Giorgio Armani’s pump liquids.  That is, MUFE’s HD Blushes are .33 fluid ounces for $25;  Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer’s are $59 for 1.0 fluid ounce.  The MUFE HD pump is not as easy to control as a Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, nor is the packaging as sturdy.  However, the texture of MUFE’s HD Blushes is completely unique in my experience.

The HD Blushes are remarkably small, and very highly pigmented.  Here is a size comparison between the HD Blushes and a MAC lipstick container:

Compact, right?  However, the pigmentation of the product is really what matters–and this blush is enormously pigmented.  The tiniest dab is enough to do both cheeks easily.  The texture of the blush is reminiscent of a stain –it does not add or subtract to the natural texture of your cheek.  Thus, when I was wearing this over a foundation, it neither added any shimmer nor did it mattify.  It sort of melted onto the skin as a soft layer of color.

I was only able to test one of these for a full day before writing this review.  I can report that it lasted all day, including a one-hour workout, until I removed it with an oil cleanser.  I got no color-shift or fading that I was able to notice.  The application process was easy–a tiny squirt onto one finger, then tiny dabs over the cheek before blending.

I can tell it’s going to take me a day or two more of practice to be able to do a natural gradation on the cheek and to control where to concentrate the color.  I’m sure it can be done, but I haven’t quite gotten that down yet.

Here are color swatches of #1 Vibrant Plum/Cassis, in three different intensities:

Here are swatches of #2 with Bright Raspberry/Carmine:

Overall, I like these very much and recommend them.  Of course, your mileage may vary.  Here’s some more specific thoughts.  On the plus side:

– Huge pigmentation, can be sheered down to a glow

– Great quality-the color looks the same on the cheek as in the tube (except more sheerly applied of course)

– Great staying power/ no color shift

– Lightweight, seems like a gel-texture that isn’t prone to clogging pores

– Beautiful range of colors

A few minuses:

– I’m worried about traveling with these, the packaging seems a little fragile

– The pump might be a little difficult to control–you only need the tiniest bit to get enough

– Not enough testers available in stores yet

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