Aug 282013

Marc Jacobs Desire Nail Polish1

I’ve been playing with a few items from Marc Jacobs Beauty new line, including Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Desire ($18. / 0.43 oz.). I picked this color up during a sweep through a rather crowded Sephora on the first day of the release.

Marc Desire Lacquer box1

The back of the box has a little window to show the color as you search through the back stock. Also note that the box has a tape-shut so that you can tell if you are getting a brand new bottle (smart!).

Marc Desire Lacquer box2

Although not everyone will love the packaging style, I think the bottle shape is sort of fun and consistent with the Marc Jacobs aesthetic. The large black cap (which would be  unwieldy to hold for polish application) pulls of to reveal the smaller, more manageable top.

Marc Jacobs Desire Nail Polish2

The brush is the standard narrow style which takes me about 3-5 sweeps to cover a nail.

Marc Jacobs Desire Nail Polish3

Marc Jacobs Beauty in Desire has a high shimmer finish. The formula was interesting. It applies smoothly and is opaque in two coats. At two coats, the color looked okay and the finish dried down to a satin. This was a little confusing, given that the name of the polish is “Hi-Shine.” So I kept going and added a third coat. When I did so, the color dried to a more shiny texture and the color was much more lush and rich. All of these images are with three coats (and no added topcoat or basecoat).

Marc Jacobs Desire Nail Polish21

As you can see, in sunlight the shine and color saturates the image so that it is almost hard to capture. One more:

Marc Jacobs Desire Nail Polish23

Overall, I like Marc Jacobs Lacquer in Desire. I wonder if I should have bought a more unique color. Desire is a relatively duplicable shade compared to Marc Jacob Beauty’s Petra reviewed by Sabrina on The Beauty Look Book.  Nonetheless, in my crazy beauty blogger’s mind, I deliberately chose a standard red shimmer shade because I wanted to see how the Marc Jacobs Beauty formula compares with a standard (less expensive) OPI or the like, and a luxury brand like Chanel. Here’s a comparison with Marc Jacobs Beauty Desire, Chanel Malice, OPI Dankeshiny Red, and Zoya Blair.

Marc Desire comparisons1

After working with Desire, I’m pretty close to concluding that it preforms in a similar way to OPI and Zoya (and China Glaze Ruby Pumps, which is also in this shimmer red category). Chanel Malice is a pretty delicious shade no matter how you slice it, so let’s not even go there. Bottom line:  Unless I learn anything new, in the future I’m more likely to go with non-duplicatable, unusual shades in the Marc line as the formula seems on par with the mid-priced nail polish companies out there (like OPI, Essie, Butter London, Zoya, and the like). So there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to go with the $18 Marc Beauty shades when an OPI or the like (at $10ish) will do. Just this one crazy beauty blogger’s opinion.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is sold exclusively at Sephora.

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Aug 032013

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer1

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl ($28 each) have a high-shine formula and lovely, highly wearable color. The packaging is pure Marc Jacobs “sophisticated/fun.” The black applicator side is practical, there’s just no dropping this one with that big paddle. Still, there’s something cute and modern about it too. In other words, very Marc.

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer2

I tried two shades–the warm pink Kissability and the cool burgundy Studded Kiss. On application, there’s a sweet vanilla scent with the faintest touch of floral scent. Within about 30 seconds, the scent transforms in a breath-freshening peppermint that’s delightful. The peppermint scent lingers for a good 20-30 minutes, and gives the gloss an ever-so-slight tingle. The fun shape of the tube, the lovely color, and the scent made these slightly addictive to use. I kept reaching for them all week, I just love that touch of peppermint.

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer5

Kissability is a warm pink-rose infused with gold. This is one of those crowd-pleasing, goes-with-everything colors that can be used up because it’s such a good, staple color. It’s medium-sheer. On Liz, the color is quite sheer–her lips are lightly pigmented.

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer7

The color looks deeper and more rose on me, because my lips have more pigment. It’s my lips but better, and because of the shine it’s also my lips but wetter. Here is Liz wearing Kissability:

Marc Jacobs eye palette01

Here, Liz is wearing Kissability with:

Here are some swatches using Marc Jacobs Kissability, using other shades to orient the color among others (not as possible dupes). Burberry Nude Rose is a light cream. Nars Dolce Vita has no shimmer, and is not as pink. Chanel Paillettes is a sheer shimmery gloss.

Marc Jacobs Lip Laquer Swatches1

Studded Kiss is a pigmented burgundy infused with deep red-violet with a high-lacquer shine.

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer6

 On Liz:

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer8a

Here’s Marc Jacob’s Studded Kiss on Liz:

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer111

As you can see, Marc Jacobs Studded Kiss doesn’t have a duplicate in my stash. Chanel Ironic Tonic is warmer. Buberry Hibiscus is a sheer cream, with more red. Le Metier de Beaute In the Know Bordeaux is deeper and more burgundy.

Marc Jacobs lip gloss swatches1a

Overall, I loved these new Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyls. If you are sensitive to peppermint, you’ll want to pass these by. I found them really pleasant, and kept reaching for them. I’ll definitely be looking for more now the full line is released.

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