Jul 232012

Nars has released four (4) new lip product for Fall 2012, all in shades that mesh beautifully with the rest of the collection:

  • More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil ($24), a honey-brown glossy pencil
  • Autumn Leaves Lipstick ($24): A golden warm sheer lipstick
  • Amsterdam Pure Matte lipstick ($25), a deep brick-red matte pigmented lipstick
  • Rouge Tribal Larger than Life Lipgloss ($26), a deep ruby-jewel, high-shine gloss with sparkles
Here are swathes of all four:
NARS Autumn Leaves lipstick looks red and shimmery in the tube, but applies with a strong golden tone:
Here’s Nars Autumn Leaves on Liz:
More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil is a soft honey brown:
Close up:
Here is a comparison with Nars Velvet Gloss Pencils in More, Burenos Aires and Hopi:
Here is the deep matte Amsterdam Velvet Lipstick:
Here is a comparison with some other deep reds. First, Nars Amsterdam and Nars 413 Bleecker. Then Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks in Rivoli and Vendome:
Nars Rouge Tribal Larger than Life Lipgloss is an amazingly dramatic jewel. Not for the color-shy, this color is absolutely gorgeous for a dramatic impression:
Overall, NARS has some dramatic and unusual shades in its Fall 2012 collection. Overall, each of the colors is dramatic and works with the overall deconstructed theme of the collection.
All products featured in this post were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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Jul 212012

Nars Fall 2012 brings us two new eyeshadow palettes. Nars High Society Eyeshadow Trio ($45/ limited edition) is a deep mix of three medium-to-deep jewel tones.  Nars Vente Glace Eyeshadow Duo ($34) is a light-toned cool silver and light green which act as shimmery light tones. Both palettes are deconstructed, unconventional and edgy. Unlike many multi-toned palettes, High Society has three deep tones. Nars Vent Glace has two shimmery light tones. I found that the palettes work well together–sisters, of a type–and so I’m reviewing them together.

Here are the deep swatches of Nars High Society, which is the star product of the Nars Fall 2012 collection:



The Nars Vent Glace duo is in the familiar palette format with two light shades. This reminded me of the Nars All About Eve duo, in that it’s geared to give a tonal effect. Both shades of Nars Vent Glace are light and shimmery:

Here are swatches of the Nars Vent Glace duo. Here, I compare it to a more traditional, multi-tonal duo, the Chanel Khaki Clair. I also found the closest colors in my collection were some discontinued Shu Uemura singles (a cool silver ME Silver 950 and a shimmery mossy green ME Silver 851):

Another, same order:


Here, we combined the two palettes in this look on Liz.  We used the left (silvery) side of Vent Glace on the inner portion of the eye, together with the violet shade on the outer corners of the eye:


  • Nars Undress Me Multiple as an eyeshadow base, up to the brows
  • Left side of Vent Glace duo on the inner half of the eye, blended with the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush
  • Violet color of Nars High Society trio, blended on the outer half of the eye with the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush

Here’s a overall look with the same eyeshadow combination. We also used other products from the Nars Fall 2012 collection, including Nars Outlaw Blush, Nars Undress Me Mutliple, and Autumn Leaves lipstick.

The Nars High Society Eyeshadow Trio, Outlaw blush, Nars Undress Me Multiple, Autumn Leaves Lipstick, and Vent Glace Duo were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration and review.

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