Mar 182015

Nars Reckless 1NARS Reckless Powder Blush ($30) is a shimmery soft warm very light pink. This is an unusual shade, and I think in many lines this might be considered a soft highlighter. Of course, this fairy-sparkle shade fits perfectly with the modern nude theme of Nars Spring 2015. NARS Reckless Blush is available at Nordstrom, Nars online, Sephora, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.
Nars Spring  2015 Overview

On my skintone, Reckless actually seems to neutralize color because of the light tones, while adding a touch of shimmer and sparkle. It’s very Ice Queen. Here it is, swatched next to Nars Valhalla Eyeshadow single and Porto Venere Eye Paint.

NARS Porto Venere 41To get a sense of the color, I’ve swatched this next to MAC Bao Bao Wan Summer Opal, Laura Mercier’s Baked Powder Highlighter and Bobbi Brown’s Nude Shimmerbrick. As you can see, Reckless is a very light, cool nude with micro sparkle.

Nars Reckless Blush swatches comparisons1b

One more, slightly different order (but same comparisons).

Nars reckless blush swatches6a

NARS Reckless blush seems like is a powder version of a Cococabana, or other cool highlighter. A niche cool nude shade, it evokes an edgy vibe. It’s going to glow perfectly and naturally on some skin tones.reckless1984

NARS Reckless Blush is available at Nordstrom, Nars online, Sephora, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

Nars Cosmetics sent this blush to Cafe Makeup for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information see About Cafe Makeup

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Aug 092013

Nars Fall 2013 Blush Palettes1

Nars has released two oversized Sephora-exclusive blush palettes, Soulshine and Realm of the Senses ($41 each). These are the same large size as the Nars Pierre Hardy blushes released earlier this year.  Note that the texture of the blushes are quite different. Specifically, the Nars Pierre Hardy blushes gave a sheer wash of a single near-matte color. In contrast, Soulshine and Realm of the Senses give a mix of more shimmery, complex color that tends to be darker on the tonal scale. The results with Soulshine and Realm of the Senses varies depending on how you dip your brush on the large face of these newly released palettes.

Nars Fall 2013 Realm of the Senses

Despite the relatively high 0.41 oz. size, the compacts are travel-ready as the palettes are slim and sturdy. Realm of the Senses includes a sheer peach, a shimmering bronzed rose, and a sparkling gold sand. 

Nars Fall 2013 Realm of the Senses3

Swatches of the colors individually from Realm of the Senses:

Nars Blush palette swatches03

As you can see, these are very flattering colors with a high “glow” factor. Of these two, Realm of the Senses is Liz’s favorite.

Marc Jacobs eye palette03

Here, Liz is also wearing the Marc Jacobs The Starlet Palette and Marc Jacobs Kissability Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl (which has become my standard go-to gloss every day since the day it arrived-I just love it).

Nars Fall 2013 Blush Palettes5

Nars Soulshine has a gold shimmer,  a sheer golden apricot, and a soft rose tone with golden shimmer. Overall, it has a darker, more red impression compared to Realm of the Senses. Between the two, I preferred Soulshine because I love deeper tones in Fall and found this palette more unusual.

Nars Blush palette swatches01

Here is Soulshine on Liz. Soulshine has a more red impression, compared to the fresh peachy tone of Realm of the Senses.


Here’s a swatch of both colors side by side (the colors blended across the palette for each). Realm of the Senses has a stronger peach note (particularly obvious at the top of the swatch), while Soulshine leans more rose.

Nars Blush palette swatches08

Nars Soulshine and Realm of the Senses are excellent, versatile palettes that carry lots of pretty, glowing color. Fortunately, Liz favors Realm of the Senses and I the other Soulshine, so we’ll have some chance of using these up over the next several months. Because of the large palette size, it allows us to use a small-headed brush blush to custom-mix and blend the color–and isn’t that the whole fun of makeup in the first place?

Nars Cosmetics sent Realm of the Senses and Soulshine to Cafe Makeup for consideration for review. This post includes affiliate links. For more information, see About Cafe Makeup.

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Jul 182013

Nars is releasing two new limited edition palettes ($41 each) to sculpt, highlight, and define the face. According to the line, these “exclusive design exudes the NARS signature mix of sophistication and playfulness, while a new silky-textured formula blends to a smooth, even finish.”

NARS Soulshine Blush Palette Sephora

Soulshine has a peachy pink blush tone with gold shimmer,  a sheer golden apricot, and a soft rose tone with golden shimmer.

NARS Realm of Senses Blush Palette Sephora

Realm of Senses has a sheer peach, a shimmering bronzed rose (yay!) and a sparkling gold sand.

Available beginning (approximately) August 1st at Sephora online and stores.

This post contains an affiliate link (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).

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Jan 312013

Nars Seduction2a

Spring 2013 brings Nars Seduction blush (now available on and, called a Sangria color. This deep burgundy applies with a very slight sheen when applied  (it’s just enough to keep the color from going completely matte, without adding shimmer).

Nars Seduction1

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Sep 302012

Sephora has begun stocking some of the Nars Andy Warhol collection, include the Nars Andy Warhol Satellite of Love Highlighting Blush ($28). This is a nearly-nude shade, which is very sheer. When worn, it gives a nearly-nude finish with sparkling glitter. Essentially, this is a “chilled and party ready” glimmer powder.

Here is a comparison with another Nars Nude, which is far more pigmented and shimmery (rather than glittery), Nars Lustre:

Unlike Lustre, which gives me a bronze-peach glow, Satellite of Love is a sheer wash that imparts very little color and a touch of sparkle. Here’s is Satellite of Love on Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog, who has a skin tone deeper than mine. As you can see, the sheerness of the blush does not impart a strong color on her skin tone either.

Bottom line, Satellite of Love Highlighting Blush is a sparkling highlighter. Like much of the collection, the blush is lovely in concept. Unlike Lustre, which seems to go anywhere, Satellite of Love is perfect for an evening look. You’ll want to be careful for day, and unless you are going for a nude look, pair this with a warm blush, bronzer, or contour.

Nars Cosmetics sent Satellite of Love Highlighting Blush to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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Apr 162012

NARS Summer 2012 includes NARS Liberte blush ($28), which has just gone online for sale. The shade is described as a “burnished apricot.”  Francois Nars’ blush imagination always stuns me–the colors are original, complicated, and almost universally flattering. I can see this color working on every woman from a cool-toned redhead to a deep-toned beauty. It’s exactly the color that one craves to wear during the warm summer months, even though Liberte is a color that I have never imagined existed before.

NARS Liberte is a pigmented matte terracotta red that fits in beautifully with the rest of the NARS Summer 2012 collection. Here is Liz wearing the blush, applied very lightly on cheeks, together with the NARS Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio (review soon!), and the Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick (review soon!) topped with NARS Hopi Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil for  touch of shine.

Another, same makeup:

Here, Liz applied NARS Liberte with a standard Chanel blush brush to get a natural look. Later this summer, she’ll likely build up the intensity for a deeper cheek tone. Below are some comparison swatches of NARS Liberte with NARS Lustre, Nars Madly, and NARS Lovejoy.

Final verdict:  Yes, you need it. Seriously. Perfect summer blush. Plus, you are going to be reaching for this well into the Fall because it’s going to coordinate with colors like camel, forest greens, deep blues and (yes), even metallics. Sophisticated, easy to wear, modern, flattering and finely milled.

NARS Liberte, NARS Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio, and NARS Moscow were sent to Cafe Makeup by NARS for consideration for review.

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