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Nars brow pencils sleeve1

Nars Brow Perfector Pencils ($22 each) are twist-up colors that add a touch of emphasis to the brow while still providing a natural look. Unlike the Nars Brow Gels which is delivered on a large brush that can cover a brow in a single sweep and (if enough product is used) sculpt the brow’s shape, the Nars Brow Perfectors are a softer, gentler way to add color and shape to a brow.

Nars brow pencils sleeve2

These come in four shades:

  • Salzbourg is a soft light brown, suitable for very light brows
  • Kalamata is a light-medium brown
  • Caucase is brown (this shade and Kalamata are quite close in color).
  • Suriname is black.

These aren’t meant to be sharpened, rather they come out of the plastic holder by a quick little twist. Their shape is very slightly oval to help you direct the size of the stroke that you’d like to use.

Nars Brow Pencilsa1a

I felt that the pigmentation of these is quite controllable depending on how much pressure you use when feathering the brow. It’s important to be consistent–if you mix heavy/light pigmentation, you’ll get a spotty effect.  Consistent pressure (whether for heavy or light application) works best.  These give all-day lasting power.

Nars Brow Pencilsa2a

The Nars Brow Perfectors work quite well–I’ve switched between Caucase and Kalamata and liked the natural effect. I had no problems with fading or the like throughout the day. If you find a good color match, these are well worth a look.

Nars Brow Pencilsa6

Nars Cosmetics provided these to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).



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