Aug 302013

Nars Fall 2013 has a number of lip products and pencils that are an eclectic mix of colors (previously, the new Nars single eyeshadow colors were reviewed and swatched here). First, there are two new Nars Larger than Life Eyeliners. Via De’ Martelli is a chocolate brown.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips04

 The color is a neutral matte.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips06

Las Ramblas is a shimmery yellow gold.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips01

The Las Ramblas is a good inner-eye brightener or under-eye liner, and is quite warm.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips07

Swatches of both Via De’ Martelli and Las Ramblas:

Nars Fall swatches2

There are two new Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils ($25 each). Nars Mysterious is a matte crimson red.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips17

This color is highly pigmented, and requires a bit of care when applying. It’s a striking shade so you want get it right. We exfoliated before, and watched our placement carefully. A bit of balm underneath is always a good idea. The image below (on Liz) does not have any balm–it’s a straight application of the pencil directly onto the lips.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips34

Nars Paimpol is an edgy “pink chiffon”–a cool matte light pink that looks really ’60’s inspired (or maybe a punk ’80’s). We had a bit of a tough time getting smooth coverage–you might wish to do several passes to build up the color for full effect if this is a shade that you love. 

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips19

There is shimmer added to the matte formula.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips21

Again, no balm so that you can see how the pencil looks applied directly to the lips.

Nars Paimpol lipsa

Swatches of Mysterious Red and Paimpol:

Nars Fall swatches1

There are two new Nars Pure Matte Lipstick shades ($26 each). La Paz is an orchid pink.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips12

This color is limited edition, and quite unusual.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips15

Despite the “pure matte” name, the shimmer gives a sort of wet, moisturized look.  On Liz:

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips33

Peloponnese is a ginger pink that translates into a warm honey nude.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips08

Like La Paz, there is shimmer within the formula.

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips11

On Liz, you can see that this shimmer and color adds a touch of life to this understated color:

Nars Fall 2013 Pencils and Lips31

Swatches of La Paz and Peloponnese:

Nars Fall swatches3

Overall, this eclectic mix has a lot of edgy and traditional shades. Does anything catch your eye?

Available at Nordstrom and other Nars sources.

Nars sent these products to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).

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Aug 252013

Nars Fall 2013 Nails05

Nars Fall 2013 introduces two new nail polish colors–the deep purple cream Fury and the dove-gray cream Galathee ($19 each).
Nars Fury Nail Polish

I liked Nars Fury more than I thought that I would. This formula feels like it has more volume, so it applies a little more plushy that the typical Nars polishes we’ve seen over the last year. So, this lays down with a more luxurious feel and look. There’s a touch of red to the purple which gives the color a nice vibrancy. I can see this color going well with so many Fall colors. Below, I’ve added Guerlain’s Gel Top Coat for extra brilliance and wear. By the way, I’ve been wearing this Guerlain Gel Top Coat for weeks and I love it. It adds a good 2-3 days of wear to my manicure and doesn’t seem to dry out or thicken in the bottle.

Nars Fall 2013 Nails07

Nars Galathee is a pretty dove gray cream. The formula is thinner than Fury, it was near-opaque in two coats (below). The color gives a flat, modern look.

Nars Fall Nails1

Here, I played with Galathee as a base color, adding a Sephora Formula X Topcoat in Chaotic. This topcoat, which includes bits and bars that give a paint-splatter effect, will be part of a breathtakingly large 200-lacquer release due out in September. It looks exciting–there are lots of interesting textures and colors in this new line (most shades will be in the $10.50-14.00 range).

Nars Fall Nails3

Overall, I like both Nars Fury and Galathee, although Fury seems to be more unusual and I prefer its formula. Overall, both are welcome additions to the Nars Fall line.

Nars Fury and Galathee, and Sephora Formula X in Chaotic were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge  for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).

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Aug 132013

Nars Fall Singles 201306

For Fall 2013, Nars has released four new single eyeshadows–Kamchatka, Namibia, Bavaria, and Yamal  ($24 each). Three of these (the inky purple-blue Kamchatka, the soft dove-gray Namibia, and soft camel-brown Yamal) are good mattes, and the teal Bavaria has multidimensional shimmer.

Nars Fall Singles 201302a

For Liz and I, the surprise hero of the group was the neutral matte gray Namibia. Hugely useful to use alone, or to coordinate with blacks and any cool-toned shimmer, Namibia was just very easy and smooth to apply. This is one of those reach-for colors that so useful. Sometimes it’s hard for makeup junkies to get excited about a quiet little matte, but trust us we all need the basics. Liz won our arm-wrestling contest on this one, it’s so easy to make a softly smoked eye with this on busy work mornings. Just a quick swipe of this, and it adds a soft wash of perfect.

Nars Fall Singles 201317

Yamal is another color that is going to be a go-to for me. A soft matte brown, Yamal is beautiful for a nearly-nude eye. Yamal had the same good matte texture as Namibia.

Nars Fall Singles 201308

Kamchatka is a matte that is a deep blue with a touch of purple. This is a color that works well to smoke out a crease, or alone to emphasize the brightness of the eyes. It’s a pretty accent color that works with a good crisp white shirt, a camel-toned sweater (or to use within a more complex look, like toning down a neon or bright accent eye color).

Nars Fall Singles 201305a

Bavaria is a complicated, pretty shimmery teal. There’s no denying that Bavaria is a gorgeous color.

Nars Fall Singles 201303

We got a little bit of kicked-up dust with Bavaria (you can see a bit trailing on Liz’s lashes). We used the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush for this picture. I’ve had better luck with a more compact, dense head and careful placement. One quick swipe (more layers will add to the pigmentation strength):

Nars Fall Singles 201318

Swatches of all shades:

Nars Fall Singles 201323

Of these, we really loved Namibia with our coloring.  It’s just a seriously pretty, understated color. Although we are warm toned, we didn’t notice it turning blue.  This type of pretty dove-gray color always catches my eye (here is a similar color on Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada–see how it just adds?).

Nars Fall Singles 201301

Available at Nordstrom, and other Nars retailers.

Nars sent these colors to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).

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Jul 022013


At the Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Runway show, Nars previewed some brow products which are now set for release. Specifically. on July 15th on Nars online site and at Nars boutiques, the line is set to release four shades of a NARS Brow Perfector ($22 each) and four shades of the new Nars Brow Gel ($22 each).  I’m assuming that these will be more widely released during August (although there is no official word on that, just a guess).

NARS Brow Gel - hi res

According to the company describing the new Nars Brow Gel, “Keep brows in place with a unique precision-tapered brush that adds shape and definition to every angle while creating a fuller, smoother brow look to perfectly set the symmetry of the face.” The shades are:

  • Kishasa: Dark brown
  • Piraeus: Medium brown
  • Athens: Blond
  • Oural: Clear

Regarding the new Nars Brow Perfectors, the company states “A propel/repel pencil allows you to reshape, fill, and design brows for a full and flawless, natural matte finish, while an innovative oval shape gives complete control over brow shape, angle, and size. Natural ingredients ensure brows are nourished, soft, and smooth. The shades are:

  • Suriname:  Black
  • Caucase: Brown
  • Kalamata: Light brown
  • Salzbourg: Blonde


NARS Suriname Brow Perfector - hi res

NARS Caucase Brow Perfector - hi res

NARS Kalamata Brow Perfector - hi res

NARS Salzbourg Brow Perfector - hi res

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Jul 012013
  • NARS Fall 2013 Color Collection group shot - hi res

For Fall 2013, NARS introduces a collection with rich color in signature NARS shades, focusing on the eye and playing with matte textures. Created by Founder & Creative Director François Nar s, the collection heralds fall’s arrival with shades ready to make a sultry statement.

NARS Fall 2013 Color Collection campaign image - lo res

This collection includes four new eyeshadow singles ($24 each)–seriously, I cannot be more excited. They are:

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Feb 062013

I love these press releases because they give us a little look into Nars Fall collections..

NARS AW13 Tia Cibani beauty look - lo res

The lead artist is Uzo, NARS International Lead Makeup Stylist. She says, “I love the 1920s feel to the collection, the nod to Art Deco, and the inspiration from Man Ray portraiture.”  “I wanted a look that celebrated the beauty standard of that era but still keep things fresh and modern by pairing the bold lip with healthy, luminous skin.”
NARS AW13 Tia Cibani artist in action - lo res
·        Sheer Glow Foundation
·        Maldives / Copacbana Multiple (Palm Beach / South Beach Multiple for darker skin)
·        Namibia Single Eyeshadow (New for Fall 2013)
Available: US – July 15 2013 / Global – August 1 2013
For a similar effect, try 413 BLKR Single Eyeshadowdow


·        Blondie / Bali Single Eyeshadow
·        Brow Perfector (New for Fall 2013)
Available: US/Global – August 1 2013
For a similar effect, try Eyebrow Pencil
·        Vendanges Lipstick
·        Funny Face Lipstick
·        La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick (New for Fall 2013)
Available: US – July 15 2013 / Global – August 1 2013
For a similar effect, try Shrinagar Lipstick
On the runway:

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