Jun 262013

Nars Primer1

Nars Radiance Enhancing Light Optimizing Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($34/ 1.o oz.) is a workhorse, oil-free primer which is designed to enhance the skin’s luminosity. Nars Light Optimizing Primer is available at Nars Comsetics online, Nordstrom, Sephora, and other places where Nars is sold.

Nars Primer2a

If you are familiar with Nars legendary eye primer, you know that Nars knows how to deliver a highly stable, tenacious primer that don’t distort the texture or color of your makeup. Nars Light Optimizing is within this same tradition. Although this formula for allover application for the face is quite different than the one designed for the eye, I found that this fuss-free, easy to use primer held onto my makeup beautifully throughout the day.

This will work well for someone who is looking to stabilize their makeup, but not seeking to invest is some of the options that promise significant skin care results (which can run significantly higher in price, and aren’t necessary for everyone). Additionally, this primer is ideal for skin that is prone to clogging, as it contains no oil, alcohol, and synthetic fragrance (there is a soft fruity scent on application, which fades in less than a minute on my skin). The primer is certainly non-comedogenic–I didn’t suffer a single clogged pore after days of testing.  There is a touch of sunscreen included (it’s rated at SPF 15):

Nars Primer4

The primer blends quickly into a stable, clear base very quickly.

Nars Primer5

If you look at the primer in certain light, you can see it has tiny light-reflective particles in the mix. This is virtually imperceptible once covered with a tinted moisturizer or foundation. It does, however, have a very slight luminizing effect that is very very subtle.

Nars reports:

95% agree that this product prepare the skin for effortless makeup application

90% agree that this product prolonged foundation wear

87% agree that their foundation look more luminous when applying this primer beforehand

93% agree that they feel that their makeup looked fresh and vibrant for hours when using this product

Overall, what I liked best about Nars Light Reflecting Primer was the fact that it quietly did its work–my foundation, blush and powder remained quite stable during long workdays.  As I took my makeup off at 10:00 pm, I was pleased to see it all intact. This was accomplished with adding any pore-clogging ingredients or unnecessary features. Which is, in my view, exactly what a good working primer should do.

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