Jun 172013

omovoricza complexion corrector01

Omovoricza Complexion Corrector ($155/ 1 oz.) (also available from Omovorica’s website) is a premium multi-tasking product made for day.  I’ve been testing this product for a few weeks getting my mind wrapped around all of the thing that it can do.  Which is considerable, because it is one of the products that you don’t realize that you wanted, because you didn’t think it could exist. And yet, here it is.

omovoricza complexion corrector02a

One of the unique properties of Omovoricza’s Complexion Corrector is that it hydrates and gives a matte /satin finish at the same time.  You begin to realize the full import of that after you reach your late 20’s, and realize that all skin– even oily skin — needs hydration to look its best. Omovoricza’s Complexion Corrector can be used as alone, or as a primer, to hydrate and plump up my skin cells, so I get the “I spent all day in a spa” effect even after its removed for the day.  However, unlike many hydrating primers (or worthwhile moisturizers), Omovoricza’s hydration does not get greasy or heavy.  It remains as steady as a porcelain surface on the skin, very lightly so you do not notice it is there.  Except for the fact that your skin looks glowing, hydrated, and healthy.

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