What’s Inside the Boxes? Chanel Fall 2011 Overview

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Jun 212011

This is a brief post to show you what is inside the Chanel Fall 2011 box that I’ll be reviewing over the coming days.  This is every single piece of the Fall 2011 collection:

Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadows

  • Fantasme
  • Emerveillé:
  • Ebloui
  • Epatant
  • Illusoire
  • Mirifique

Le Crayon Yeux in Khaki Platine

Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Écrin

Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette in Prélude

Lèvres Scintillantes (Glossimer) in Pampille, Braise and Giggle

Crayon Lèvres lip pencils in Rose Cuivré and Coralline

Rouge Coco lipstick in Plumetis and Étole

Rouge Double Intensite in Rose Morganite and Rose Quartz

Le Vernis nail polish in Graphite, Peridot and Quartz

Double Perfection Compact Foundation in Medium Beige-Contour

Some of you may recall that I had experienced problems with Chanel.com with my Spring 2011 online order (briefly described here).  During my discussions with Chanel customer service, the company offered to send to me an entire collection for that experience.  I was very pleasantly greeted with this shipment as part of the resolution of that issue (in addition to the Gardenia Eau de Toilette referred in the linked post).  Of course, this offer was more than generous on their part. Chanel has earned my utmost respect for first-class service.  Despite my schedule, I feel as though sharing pictures of these items is the right thing for Cafe Makeup to do.

I’m going to start reviewing the Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow products first, as there has been so much discussion about them.  In the meantime, please take a look at The Beauty Look Book’s coverage (here and here) to get Sabrina’s analysis.


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Feb 152011

When I first saw the promotional pictures of Chantecaille’s Sea Turtle Palette ($79) I was impressed with its perfection.  The promotional picture (above) is a work of art.  I ordered it the day it became available.

The palette exterior is gorgeous glossy perfection–it’s a very large 3 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch luxurious flat mirrored piece.  Really, it’s a gorgeous thing–heavy, but not too heavy.  It’s slim and elegant.  It has a presence. It’s designed to with “the finest pearl and pigment particles to create a natural, satin, sheer veil on the skin with a glowing effect.”  5% of proceeds will help WIDECAST ensure the survival of sea turtles.

When I opened the palette, I felt as if I’d ordered a gorgeous dessert that arrives with a bite already missing.  The palette is packed with a paper overlay that destroys the overlay color you see in the promotional picture, above.  The end results are very patchy little turtles that look shop-worn and sad.

Back of the paper overlay with gold residue

I understand from reading the message boards that other palettes are being shipped in this same state.  I don’t want to sound unappreciative, but this palette’s beauty is the elegant coloring effect.  There was fair amount of powder around each pan too.  Some of the pans had smudged green, even when it didn’t belong there. This is not an inexpensive palette, nor is overspray a new technology.

Mirror residue

On a brighter note, the pans are huge.  The palette states that it contains .42 ounces, so each pan holds quite a bit more than the average MAC eye shadow–this one, Fountainbleu, is marked at .05 ounces.

The other good news is that the destruction of the turtle shapes allowed me to dig into the color without any worry about spoiling it (that was already done).

All of these four cl0se-up are out-of-the-box, before I started swatching.

The colors include a beautiful light sandy base shade.  This is my new favorite lid-wash.  It’s gorgeous.

Next is a luminous brown for a liner or crease color:

A multi-dimensional sea green with black reflects:

Finally, a lovely coral-gold-pink blush with a delicate, luminous shimmer (this poor little guy lost a lot of his color and his little foot is contaminated with the green):

The colors are buttery soft and so luminous.  I really want more of the Chantecaille line based on my experience so far with these shadows.  Their blendability is amazing, and they go onto the lid like a dream.


Overall, gorgeous quality once you get past the questionable presentation.  Chantecaille should do something to fix this.  I considered sending it back, but my guess is that a replacement will be the same.

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Apr 142010

Since I’ve been ordering Chanel products like mad lately, I was pleased to see the most adorable sample included with my latest purchase from a Chanel boutique.  As Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book observed, Chanel can deliver some lovely samples.

This one, a sample of the perfume Cuir de Russie is one that I’ve become familiar with (and enjoy) via a set of re-releases that Chanel did a few years ago.  It is part of Chanel’s Les Exclusifs collection that populates an intriguing corner of its boutiques, and is also available online.  The order also included a handwritten thank-you card embossed with a line drawing of Coco Chanel.

I must admit, it’s lovely to hear a “thank you” from time to time, especially in the form of such a lovely perfume.

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Sweet Deal from Zoya Nails Online

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Mar 122010

Use code “BF5” to get an 8 ounce Zoya Remove+ FREE with a minimum $10 purchase on Zoya’s website.  I love this remover–it’s gentle but works extremely well.  It doesn’t strip nails, but does get everything off with just a few swipes.  My email says that this deal is good until “2/15/10”–> This must be a typo, right?  I just tried it and the Remove+ did go into my cart.  A nice way to try out this great remover!

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Kose Addiction Update

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Jan 102010

I previously reviewed Flashback, and wonderful metallic taupe from the Addiction line.

According to a Twitter update from Kelly at Ichibankao, Kose Addiction products are now available online there for sale in the U.S.  You can find the line at this online store at this link here. The eyeshadows are listed at  ¥3150 JPY, which is roughly $34 (U.S.).  Keep in mind that this includes regular air mail shipping.  EMS shipping, which requires a signature upon delivery, is available from Ichibankao for an additional charge.  Their shipping policies are available here.

I’m not affiliated with Ichibankao.  A few days ago, I placed an order for some Addiction eyeshadows from them and will update when they arrive.

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A Quiet Gift from Chanel

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Dec 052009

If have been to Makeupalley, including the very bottom of the very valuable Snickersforsnuggles notepad, you know that there are always makeup deals in November and December.  Friends and Family discounts are almost everywhere, including Sephora, Lancome, Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Bergdorf Goodman’s makeup counters, and sometimes–yes, at least once, even MAC.  If you keep checking your email, and other sale sources like retailmenot, you’ll find them lasting anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Except Chanel.

To my knowledge, Chanel has never run a percent-off deal.  Unless it’s part of a department store event, it’s full price or no Chanel.  That being said, ordering directly from Chanel sometimes gets you a fairly good sized sample of something wonderful, like a mini-Rouge Allure lipstick or mini-Sublimage moisturizer.

My most recent order came with the best gift with purchase of all time–a full-sized Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara in Smoky Noir.  Considering that the price of this item is $30.00, this gift amounted to much more than 20% of my total order.  Why this order?  Ah, the mysteries of Chanel. The explanatory card that came in the box was vague, referring to customer loyalty.  So, I’m not sure, but I’m going to enjoy the gift anyway.Chanel Gift with Purchase

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