Sep 092012

Oscar de la Renta has released a trio of nail polishes ($22 each/ 0.3 fl. oz., available here) to satisfy the fashionistas who fell in love with these colors during his Fall ’12 runway show. Never one to resist a fashion-beauty collaboration, I bought two in  Aubergine (a deep violet-vamp combination) and Larimar (a sky blue creme).  They arrived yesterday, sent via Fed Ex, with a tsunami of Oscar de la Renta fragrance samples. Impressive.

Oscar de la Renta Larimar and Aubergine on the Fall 2012 Runway

The bottles are a crisp modern design with a metallic blue/purple cap:

Inside the brushes are quite standard and worked well with this formula.

I was extraordinarily impressed with the formula of this release. As you know, Oscar de la Renta has not done a nail polish before (at least in my memory). The formulator got all kinds of things right. Although the nail polish smell was strong, the formula was opaque in two coats with an acceptable shine (most will want to add a clear topcoat, but you could get by without if time is short).

This fall, I’m having a sudden obsession with aubergine toned shoes and other items. I found Oscar de la Renta’s Aubergine seriously nice. It’s deep enough in tone to say “Hello, I’m wearing this great color,” and has an ever-so-slightly jelly finish (it’s not a true jelly, but the color looks alive). True love for Aubergine for Fall 2012. No topcoat:

Larimar is suprisingly workable. It’s a pastel blue (yes, a bit like Chanel Skyline but without sparkle or shimmer). I usually have trouble with light pastels, but I found that Oscar de la Renta’s Larimar went on nice, smooth and opaque in two coats.  Larimar wasn’t quite as shiny as Aubergine, but still quite good.

Bottom line– Yes, yes, yes.  I especially love Oscar de la Renta’s Aubergine–this one will get used up this Fall.

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