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One new release in the skincare world is Perricone MD’s Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum ($155/ 1 oz.). This is a multi-tasking anti-aging treatment. One of its best features if the ability to soften fine lines

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This is a gently scented spot treatment that is to be applied to expression lines, lines, and creases. This is recommended for the “11” that sometimes appear between the eyebrows, across the forehead, in the contours of the mouth (marionette lines), and anywhere else that lines are starting to form. Essentially, the product includes a derivative of Acyl-Glutathione which is intended to replace ingredients in the skin that tend to dissipate with age. For those versed in chemistry, here is one of the Perricone patent applications that describes the technology and the effects.

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 The product is intended to gives an immediate smoothing effect to fine lines and lessen creases. Once again, Perricone MD has delivered. I found that the product was effective even on the first application.  I’d really like to avoid using  needles as long as possible, thank you very much. This serum works to soften expression lines and creases caused by facial movements and age. Unlike Botox, this product is not intended to be invasive–you still have full muscle control of course.

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The first time that I used the product, I found how quickly and completely the Perricone MD’s Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum does work. The results were truly visible. I applied this serum on some of the fine lines that traverse my forehead, and after about ten minutes they had smoothed to nothing. One area that looks like it’s on its way to a crease was far smoother and less deep. It also took care of some “11’s” that I’d developed from squinting at my computer all day. Excellent.

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I’ve never had a moisturizer deliver results even close to Perricone MD’s Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum. When I used the product twice a day as suggested, the results continue to work. Ingredients (click to enlarge):

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Users should keep in mind this serum is not a moisturizer, and that it can be layered with outer Perricone MD products. For example, I’ll layer this with my favorite Perricone eye treatments, including the Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum together with Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester and a moisturizer on my face.

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Overall:  Great product that truly delivered for me. Bravo Perricone!

Through Friday April 26th, Perricone MD is is running a 20% off promotion with code SPRING20.

Available at Sephora.comPerricone MD’s website and other retailers that carry the line.

Perricone MD sent Cafe Makeup this product for consideration for review. This review includes an affiliate link (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).

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