Jun 102014

Sephora Summer Faves04Sephora must have been reading about my travel/moving situation, because last week a little box of travel-to-go treats arrived at my front door. I thought I would do a little post to give you some thoughts, in case you (or someone on your gift radar) needs anything along these lines.

Sephora Summer Faves09First up is the Sephora Double Down Brush set ($46). This was my favorite item by far. It features three brushes–no wait, six brushes. This is a small artificial leatherette-type case that is roughly 6″ in length, holding mighty, mighty brushes of surprisingly good quality. The bristles are acrylic, and the weight and balance of these evidences a very well-made mini-set of three face brushes. The heads on these are not very large compared to a luxurious Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs bronzing brush (reviewed here), for sure. Yet these are remarkably well designed and surprisingly functional.

Sephora Summer Faves05

The small black ring in the middle of the brushes is a separation point, revealing three eye brushes within.

Sephora Summer Faves06

Voila! The eye brushes can even be flipped around so that these become double-ended sets. I challenged myself to do a full face with this set, and it was shockingly easy. The eyeshadow brushes allowed me to line, blend, and apply deep shades in the crease with no problem. The rounded face brush (on the bottom in these pictures), allowed for a lovely all-over application of powder. And the slanted contour/blush brush (at the top in these pictures), did a great job applying blush.  Face brushes:

Sephora Summer Faves08

The eye brushes:

Sephora Summer Faves07

The bristles are soft and on the firm side. Although the case is not made of premium materials, the design and quality went into the brushes, which is how I would have wanted it. The brushes wash and dry well. This is a nice stow-away for carry on or overnight bags, while you can leave your premium brushes at home. The case has a little pocket in the back for blushes , lipsticks and other makeup items that you want to carry along.

Sephora Summer Faves10Another helpful item is the Everything Under the Sun Tanning Set ($12).

Sephora Summer Faves14This includes the all-important exfoliating mitt, application mitt, and an erasing sponge. As a self-tanning aficionado, I have the feeling the Liz will be getting some serious use out of this little set.

Sephora Summer Faves15

The Sephora Carnivale Eye Brush Set ($22), packs five eye brushes in a slim aluminum tube. These brushes are quite lightweight. For the modest price, you get a good variety. The smudge and the angled liner/brow are nice additions.

Sephora Summer Faves11

Although these don’t compare with premium Japanese brushes, sometimes you need a low-investment set and these fit that bill pretty nicely.

Sephora Summer Faves13

The brush heads:

Sephora Summer Faves12

Sephora’s The Galaventer ($28) is a three-bag set for packing, and the small bags are nice for purses and totes.

Sephora Summer Faves01

The sizes are

– 7 5/8” H x 9 1/2” L x 2 1/4” W (large bag)
– 5 3/4” H x 8” L x 0” W (medium bag)
– 4 1/8” H x 6 1/2” L x 0” W (small bag)

Sephora Summer Faves02

I’ve got about another three or four weeks of moving and traveling. I’m currently in the 100+ degree heat of Northern California, and heading to the more temperate Colorado for a few weeks. I must admit I’ll be glad to be settled in July, and trying to stay busy and happy while the time passes. I hope that your summers are going beautifully!

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