Serge Lutens De Profundis Review

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Aug 252011

Serge Lutens is set to release an exclusive fragrance, De Profundis due out on September 1st (for more about Serge Lutens’ exclusive fragrances, see here).  Although U.S. buyers will have to enlist the help of a European friend or get on a plane to obtain a bottle, Cafe Makeup was able to obtain a review sample from the Serge Lutens Palais Royale Boutique/Paris from the incredible staff, for which I am extremely grateful.

Unlike the golden and amber tones of most of the Serge Lutens fragrances, De Profundis is a violet tone that echoes the walls of the Palais Royale boutique.

I understand from reading other blogs that De Profundis will be sold in two versions of limited edition bottles, both are expected to be very limited in quantity.  This bell jar is coated in a metallic silver tone:

This one with elaborate glasswork and lettering:

The name “De Profundis” (“from the depths”) evokes a letter written by Oscar Wilde while imprisoned, in which he recounts his prior life and then describes his spiritual growth.  As a fragrance, De Profundis is rich, deep and transformative.  The predominant notes are chrysanthemum and incense, although I’m detecting some violet, a persistent green scent, spice and something earthy.  My best description is that the fragrance parallels the experience of being inside a large stone cathedral–there is a cool earthiness, an unyielding stone, an inspiring height and remnants of incense from ceremonies performed over the past centuries.  It’s complicated, dark, and yet the green notes provide a strong sense of hope.

De Profundis will work beautifully for men and women.  Serge Lutens is able to use the notes of his scents as a communicative medium–De Profundis is as content-rich as a good film.  De Profundis is a combination of aspiration, spirit and deep humanity expressed through scent.  Excellent, gorgeous, and well worth seeking out.

A sample size of De Profundis was sent to Cafe Makeup free of charge for review.



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