Oct 122017

Way back in July, I listened to the hype surrounding the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask ($48)(available at Sephora). For some unknown reason, my skin was having a lot of trouble adjusting to all of the traveling that I was doing. I was hoping using this overnight could help.

Basically, this overnight mask can be layered over your traditional serums for a slight moisturizing/exfoliating effect overnight. You just scoop a bit out with the little plastic spoon (pictured above) that comes with the generous 2.7 ounce jar. The product is lightly watermelon scented. The texture feels like a mix between a gel and an oil. It feels slightly cooling and light when first applied, and then dries down so that it isn’t noticeable.

Overall, I recommend the Glow Recipe mask. I’ve been using 3-4 nights per week over my serums. I find that it helps with acne, cleans pores, and leaves my skin feeling moisturizing and refreshed in the morning. As a sleeping mask, it’s quite gentle and I have experienced no irritation–only good effects. It gives my skin that little extra oomph the help it look its best. Ingredient list:

The packaging is pretty–it’s a heavy glass with a wide-open jar lid. Of course, this isn’t ideal for my traveling lifestyle. I had to tape it closed and ship it to get it across the country, and it is not light. Some of you may have concerns about the open top, which may not be as sanitary and a pump or tube.

I will say that a little goes a long way with the Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask. Despite my consistent use for months, there’s still over 2/3 of the jar left. Overall, I find this is well worth the investment.

Available at Sephora.

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