Dec 222012

Tatcha Founder Victoria Tsai

I’ve been hearing so many good things about Tatcha skin care, so when the company offered to send me a sample pack I was very pleased to agree.  The line was founded by Victoria Tsai, who has studied Asian-based skincare since the time that her mother shared her secrets with her during childhood. Over the years, Victoria became an expert in fine skincare, based on the application of modern science to cultural knowledge that dates back hundreds of years.

Tacha Set

Liz and I tested our Tatcha Sampler Set ($49) on a dark and rainy Sunday afternoon–the perfect time for an at-home spa treat. The set includes:

– Pure Camellia One Step Cleansing Oil – 30ml | 1oz
– Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder – 1 x 1g packets
– Polished Deep Rice Enzyme Powder – 1 x 1g packets
– Radiant Deep Brightening Serum – 10ml | 0.3oz
– Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream – 1 x 1g packet
– Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream – 15ml | 0.5oz
– Petal Fresh Original Japanese Beauty Papers – 1 full sized pack | 30 sheets

Instructions are enclosed with the set. The first step is the Camellia Cleansing Oil (full size $48/ 5.1 oz.).


This is a very lightly-scented, luxurious oil that cleans very thoroughly, while leaving skin fresh and very gently moisturized. It’s an excellent oil. The story of the oil is on Tatcha’s site.

Tatcha’s Polished Rice Enzyme Powder is the second step. Like Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains, the Rice Enzyme Powder is a water-activated cleanser. Essentially, I emptied the powder onto wet hands, and spread over a dampened face.  Although it can be washed off at this point, I left it on for about five minutes until it dried completely so that my skin could absorb all of its benefits. Essentially, the powder both exfoliates and moisturizes. Tatcha’s is formulated with rice bran, papaya + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex (a formulate complex that moisturizes, heals and includes powerful antioxidants). After I rinsed it off, our skin felt wonderful. The powder comes in two versions–a full size for at-home use (full size $65 / 2.1 oz.) and a travel set adds 14 Rice Enzyme Powder packets (pictured below)

Tatcha Facial6a

The third step is the application of a leave-on product, Tatcha’s Deep Brightening Serum ($150/ 1.0 oz for the full size). This is a weightless (like water) serum that sinks in quickly, its pleasant floral scent quickly fades (it’s a gorgeous scent, by the way). The hydration can be felt immediately–it leaves skin soft and very lightly moisturized. I let it sink in for 2-3 minutes before proceeding. The beneficial effects of clarifying age spots takes about 4-8 weeks of continuous use.

The final step is the application of a gorgeously rich Tatcha Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream (full size $150). For many women, this is an winter-friendly moisturizer that leaves skin feeling like silk. Supple absorbs quickly and feels light on the skin, but the effects are remarkable. Cafe Makeup was provided with a full-size version of the moisturizer, which is beautifully packaged.

Tatcha Facial3

Liz and I found loved the gold-toned applicator and richly-colored ribbon–a luxurious touch that evoked the ritual of taking a moment to honor and care for oneself.

Tatcha Facial2a

Liz and I absolutely loved this moisturizer. Although we are a few years apart in age, we both looked into the mirror afterwards and were wide-eyed impressed.  Our skin looked fully oxygenated, fresh and absolutely glowed.

Tatcha Facial4

The packaging is lovely, modern, and highly giftable.

Tatcha Facial1

Ingredients (click to enlarge):

Tatcha Facial5

One a side note, I love the concept that a luxury skin care line offers a good, cohesive sample set. Overall, Liz and I loved the experience and we’ll definitely repeat it. For us, the entire combination worked beautifully together to create head-turning, “I’ve just been to a spa” skin. Amazing.

Tacha sent these products to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.


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