Apr 012012

Thus far, I’ve been tempted to try Tom Ford’s Nail Lacquer ($30/each for 0.41 oz.), but didn’t cave on that impulse until I saw the limited edition Spring 2012 line of four colors (all four are swatched on The Makeup and Beauty Blog, and three are featured on The Beauty Look Book).  The only color that I found interesting was the platinum toned Silver Smoke, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Generally, Tom Ford’s Silver Smoke Nail Lacaquer is a complex platinum taupe color that has some golden tones in some light. It’s complexity means that it looks very different according to the light that it reflects. All pictures in this post are the same nail polish–Silver Smoke–but taken in different lighting conditions. This is a real chameleon, but all of these are pretty.

The application was smooth and opaque in two coats, although I’d allow plenty of dry time. It didn’t seem to become frosty/streaky as with some high-shine formulas.

 In some late evening sun, Silver Smoke turned into a cool gold.

Overall, Tom Ford has made a highly wearable, gorgeous, and rich polish to wear with gorgeous, luxurious fabrics that are the hallmark of his line. There is a lot of multicolor sparkle and color-changing pigment in Silver Smoke… a bit of magic perhaps? At any rate, it’s both bold and appropriate at the same time. It was a good choice for me to try out this line, and I’m sure because I love metallic accents that it is a color that I’ll use often.



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