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Urban Decay Naked 302

Urban Decay has released another in its Naked line–the Urban Decay Naked 3 ($52.00)–and reviews are pretty uniformly on the “good” to “excellent” side.  Here are a few:

Temptalia’s A Rating

Makeup and Beauty Blog’s WOW

The Beauty Look Book’s “definite must-have”

Sona Gasparian’s “my favorite of the three Naked Palettes”

With these glowing reviews, I had to find out whether this would work for me. So I ordered one, and with some qualifications, I am happy to report that this palette is surprisingly good in many respects.

Urban Decay Naked 301

 I won’t repeat the information in the other reviews, as they are all easily reachable at the links (above).  If you click the image below, you can see twelve rose-gold toned eyeshadows. This combination of mattes, shimmers, and glitters is picking up on the rose gold moment that’s been building since Tiffany’s blew us all away with the Rubedo collection.

Urban Decay Naked 305

 The palette is m ore sturdy that the typical Urban Decay flocked-paper ones, this one seems to be made of a plastic or composite that is more robust (although it’s not as protective for its size and dimension as a Giorgio Armani, Chanel, or Bobbi Brown package).

Urban Decay Naked 304

 For me, the included double-ended brush was unusable because it gave me almost no control over the pigmentation. Every sweep gave me application that was far too heavy, and I was unable to achieve the right blending or light, layered application that I prefer.  Instead, I used the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush, which worked far, far better.

Urban Decay Naked 308

Most of the shades are beautiful, pigmented, and apply and blend very, very well.  I found myself using a combination of Liar, Factory and Mugshot for an everyday, rose-gold toned eye.  So, the mid-to-deep shades were a huge success.  The lighter shades were more problematic for me. Strange makes a nice base color, but otherwise became a bit invisible. Dust–which was the bright rose-gold wonder that beckoned me from the promotional images–has a high level of fallout and was not a flattering texture on my lid. Swatches:

Urban Decay Naked 309

I’m not sure whether I’ll Blackheart for anything other than a liner.  Another set of swatches:

Urban Decay Naked 311

Overall, I was surprised at the high quality of most of the shades of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. My sense that 9 or 10 of these shades are really lovely.  Although we can hope for 100% success for our palette criteria, Urban Decay swung for the bleachers in this one and so making it to the outfield was a pretty good result. As an aside, I’m unaware of any other company that’s released a palette with this same rose gold tonality. I hope we do. Because, Pantone’s edict aside, my own personal color of the year for 2014 is rose gold.

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