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I was given the chance to try Wantable, a beauty subscription service which offers a mix of products customized to your personal preferences. Before you go forward with your order, the site asks you to answer numerous questions about the types of products that you like (or dislike). Here is a typical page, giving you a range of products that might interest you. You move the sliders to input your preferences.

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It’s a little hard not to say “love” for all of them, but I did my best to emphasize certain categories over others.  As you move forward through the Wantable survey, there are more refined questions about your preferences. Here, I believe that I emphasized metallics over nail art and creams when I did my initial survey:

Wantable 4

Here’s a similar page for blush textures, which offers a selection of preferences that range from matte, brights, cream, and the like.

Wantable 1

My August Wantable box arrived with an interesting array of products, nearly all choices were full size:

W Monthly makeup box2

This box included:

  • FACE Stockholm Bronzer in #3 Capri
  • FACE Stockholm Nail Color in #164, a shimmery gray green
  • Lise Watier gloss in Rouge Catwalk, a highly pigmented warm red (fire engine)
  • Japonesque Smudger Brush
  • Cailyn Eye Primer
  • Lise Watier sample card of the Ombre Souffle Supreme with two bubble-dots filled with products (and images of the rest)

W Monthly makeup box4

Generally, I think that this tracked my preferences pretty well. I recall giving high scores for bronzers and primers, and for glosses over lipsticks. I also chose metallic nail colors. The typical price for a Wantable makeup box is $36 for subscribers (or $40 if you only want to buy just one box).

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I was impressed that the box contained so many full size items from premium brands. For this U.S. makeup-lover, these are brands that are comparatively hard to find, and so these were not things that I had the opportunity to examine in the local stores. Also, many of the products are from brands that have a reputation for high quality. Here is the Face Stockholm #164 nail polish, which was a pretty frost-metallic that dries quickly and is finished in two coats.

Beauty box review9

I was a bit surprised that the FACE Stockholm bronzer was so dark–it’s probably darker than my complexion can use. I must admit that the Lise Watier gloss is a gorgeous, pigmented color that delivers plenty of glossy shine. It’s a stunner.

Beauty Box6

Here are swatches of the color products:

Beauty box review21

Overall, I like the concept of Wantable. Although the price is higher than some beauty boxes, the name brand recognition and customization are undoubtedly part of the ‘you get what you pay for’ philosophy that justifies it. You should note that Wantable has a similar service for accessories at this link.


What do you think of the Wantable option? Are there beauty boxes that you prefer? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Wantable supplied this August box to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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